Robert Griffin III Having His Reserved Parking Spot Removed From Arby's is Hilarious

By Dan Parzych
Robert Griffin III
(Mark T. Farmer/Twitter)

After emerging as one of the league’s most dangerous quarterbacks last year, it’s safe to say Robert Griffin III of the Washington Redskins is treated like a king in the D.C. area as the former first-round pick seems like he’s capable of getting just about anything he wants. However, it appears there’s at least one thing RGIII will be missing out on–his own parking spot at Arby’s.

Apparently, there was an Arby’s in Richmond close to the location of where the Redskins go to for training camp that decided to reserve a parking spot specifically for Griffin–that is until it had to be recently taken down. Unfortunately for the quarterback, Arby’s was forced to take it down after a representative from Washington’s organization called the location and asked them to do so.

It may have only been up for a few days, but this is just one of many stories that show how Redskins fans feel about their beloved quarterback. The fact that one Arby’s was willing to give Griffin a spot of his own is hilarious considering we’re not even sure how big of an Arby’s fan Griffin is.

Hopefully, Griffin’s rehab continues to go well and he’ll be ready to go for Week 1 of the 2013 season as expectations will be high for Washington once again after they emerged as one of the biggest surprises last year by clinching the NFC East title. A torn ACL is never easy to recover from, but with the type of progress he’s made so far–it wouldn’t be a surprise if Griffin did end up starting for the Redskins in Week 1.

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