15 Athletes You’d Love to Party With on Independence Day

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15 Athletes You’d Love to Party With on Independence Day

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With our country’s Independence Day this week, true blooded Americans must gear up for the Fourth of July festivities. It is a day to honor the birth of our great country, and we must do so with fireworks, burgers and beer.

While some athletes will be suiting up to take the field (Major League Baseball players), others will be enjoying the warm weather with family and friends. It is no secret that there are several athletes that know how to have a good time. A majority of them are young with more money than they know what to do with. The most logical way for them to spend that money is on awesome parties when the right time comes along. Considering the Fourth of July is one of the biggest celebrations of the year, I have to imagine there are going to be some wild parties in some parts of the country.

The average fan would love nothing more than to party it up with some of their favorite superstars. Sometimes it can lead to a great time, while other times the famed athlete parties a little too hard which leads to some unfortunate situations. All of the athletes in the slideshow would bring their own unique blend to a Fourth of July celebration so it would be just a matter of what kind of party one is looking for.

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15. Ben Roethlisberger

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Like most athletes, Ben Roethlisberger celebrates his birthday in style. Ben-a-Palooza was a tradition in which Roethlisberger and his friends drove around a Georgia town in a party bus. If he put half as much effort into a Fourth of July party as he does his birthday every year, there is no question it would be a good time. As long as Mr. Roethlisberger minds his manners and stays out of trouble.

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14. Metta World Peace

World Peace
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Metta World Peace has the look of someone who knows how to throw a party. Every year he hosts one of the most extravagant birthday bashes around. Whether it is in Las Vegas or Los Angeles, World Peace knows how to do it right. The fact is it really does not matter what the occasion is because he is going to make sure his party outdoes everyone else. That is why World Peace is someone that definitely should be contacted before throwing any July Fourth celebration.

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13. Johnny Manziel

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There is no doubt Johnny Manziel would be higher up on this list if he was of legal drinking age, but the fact that he is not 21 years old yet would certainly put a damper on any Fourth of July party. No one wants to be responsible for the Heisman Trophy winner getting busted for underage drinking, especially on our country’s birthday.

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12. Matthew Stafford

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If you want to give it the old college try this Fourth of July, look no further than Matthew Stafford. The quarterback celebrates his Independence Day with hot girls, bros and plenty of beer. Not to mention, all of the college drinking games one can ask for.

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11. Tyler Seguin

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Yes, I am aware that Tyler Seguin is Canadian, which means he has no reason to celebrate the Fourth of July. With that being said, did you see how that guy partied after the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup in 2011? If you want to spice up your party make sure to give Seguin a call. I am sure he does not care what the occasion is as long as there is plenty of vodka available.

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10. Brian Wilson

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Brian Wilson is one of the biggest party animals in Major League Baseball. I mean the guy rocks the clubs and party boats with Charlie Sheen. The fact that he is currently out of the job means that he does not have to get up for work on the fifth. If you are looking for an intense way to celebrate America’s independence look no further than Wilson.

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9. Matt Leinart

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Matt Leinart was a huge star in college and his partying days have never really slowed down since his arrival in the NFL. Whether he is shirtless in a hot tub with several babes or drinking out of a beer bong, Leinart has proven time and again that he knows how to have a good time. Not to mention, considering the fact that he is only a backup quarterback means that he has plenty of free time on his hands to throw the perfect Fourth of July bash.

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8. Derek Jeter

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If all this talk about beer and bros is not getting the job done for you, then you might want to turn your attention to Derek Jeter. The baseball legend runs the New York night scene and can pretty much get you wherever you are looking to go. Not to mention, he seems like the type of guy who will throw a classy Fourth of July party.

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7. Dwyane Wade

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Dwyane Wade knows how to have a good time, just ask the city of Miami. After bringing three NBA Championships to South Beach, Wade has celebrated in style. Whether it is hanging out with celebrities at the hottest night clubs or drinking the most expensive liquor around, Wade does it big every time.

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6. Ryan Lochte

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Ryan Lochte rocked the 2012 Olympics in London in and out of the pool. When he was not winning gold medals, he was partying it up in the hottest clubs and even bartending on some occasions. What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than with an American hero who can sum up an excellent party in one night.

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5. John Daly

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It does not get much more American than partying it up with golfer John Daly. The man has been known to drink whiskey and smoke cigars regularly on the golf course, and he has no problem spending his money on a whim. There is no doubt in my mind he celebrates every Independence Day like it is his last.

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4. Rob Gronkowski

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

What does Rob Gronkowski have in common with several other athletes on this list? He is a young guy with way too much money on his hands. For that reason, meeting up with Gronk on the Fourth of July might be the best decision you ever make, as far as parties are concerned. Just make sure to keep up with him every step of the way or you might regret your decision early on in the day.

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3. LeBron James

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James is one of the wealthiest athletes alive. He is someone that may not party it up every weekend, but he certainly knows how to throw any awesome celebration when the time is right. Whether it is his own birthday or an NBA Championship, James is going to drop a lot of cash to make sure everyone around him has a good time.

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2. Mario Balotelli

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Mario Balotelli is the second of two non-Americans on this list, but that should not prevent him from having a good time if someone wanted to celebrate the Fourth of July with him. The middle of summer is typically a time when most people enjoy taking a vacation, which means not every Independence Day can be celebrated in the United States. If in Europe and looking for a fun way to party make sure to look up Balotelli as he could most certainly whip up a celebration in no time, especially since he is known to spend a lot of cash.

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1. Patrick Kane

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

I cannot imagine anyone is surprised to see Patrick Kane No. 1 on this list. Whether it is getting drunk while celebrating a Stanley Cup championship, getting drunk in Madison, Wis. on Cinco de Mayo or getting drunk just to get drunk, Kane knows how to have a good time. If he is not too hung over from all the celebrating he has done since the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup last week, I have to imagine Kane is going to throw one amazing Fourth of July bash.