Adam Schefter: Is He ESPN's New NBA Insider?

By Jack Jorgensen
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, the constant Dwight Howard free-agency drama. It has the entire sports world literally on the edge of their seats. Through the majesty of 24-hour sports television and social media, we are able to follow every move that Howard makes as he meets with various NBA organizations and listens to each sales pitch on his way to deciding where he would like to be incredibly mediocre next. Or, he can be incredibly mediocre with the Los Angeles Lakers still, if he so chooses. Hey, that’s ultimately up to him.

As we take this journey with Mr. Howard, we rely on expert journalists from the various media outlets to keep us informed as to what the next step in this process may be. We have our fingers pressed to the refresh button on our twitter feeds waiting for the next bit of info. Now it should come as no surprise that ESPN is making a gigantic mockery of this situation. Still though, there’s always that chance that our friends in Connecticut could be the first to break any info that may be of any significant importance, so we have no choice but to deal with it for now.

Take this tweet today from an ESPN NBA insider. Wait a second, is that … ?

That’s not Chris Broussard with one of his “sources!”

Don’t look twice, you saw correctly the first time. That is indeed ESPN’s NFL insider, Adam Schefter.

Yes, this Dwight Howard situation has gotten so out of hand that, apparently, Schefter had to answer one of 10 Blackberries that he owns and take a call from an NBA “source” he evidently has contact with.

Although, if you really think about it, I’d be quick to believe Schefter probably more so than I would Broussard and one of his “sources”, which usually seems to include him just refreshing his own twitter feed and joining the rest of us in what we’ve already known–for about 20 minutes.


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