Minnesota Twins Present Mariano Rivera With Greatest Retirement Gift Ever

By Jack Jorgensen
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s heartwarming and special to watch this season as New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera makes his final appearances at all the ballparks across the country.

Although he’s provided a lot of miserable moments for most of those teams and their fans at one time or another throughout his Hall-of-Fame career, everyone is quick to show their adoration for the pitcher as they realize that this is the final time that they will witness his greatness.

While making these rounds, Rivera is sitting down with all of the team’s employees, all the way down to the concession stand workers. And at some point, the team hosting the Yankees ends up paying some sort of tribute –usually via jumbotron –to the greatest closer of all-time.

Now while all of the tributes so far have been very touching and respectful, I’m not sure that any team has something planned to surpass what the Minnesota Twins and manager Ron Gardenhire did for Rivera on Tuesday night.

As you can see pictured above, Gardenhire and crew presented Rivera with a rocking chair, obviously a playful jab at his retirement. But, what’s even more interesting is that the rocking chair is made up entirely of bats that have been broken throughout the years from the pitcher’s famous cutter.

Gardenhire came up with the idea by himself and he even gave it a very appropriate name: “The Chair of Broken Dreams.” Especially considering all of the postseason success Rivera has enjoyed as a closer, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything with a more suitable name — ever.


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