Roddy White Blasts Brad Stevens Hiring via Twitter

By ronnycarlton
Roddy White
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Twitter has become the go-to source to gauge athlete reaction to big sports events.The Boston Celtics hiring of Brad Stevens, shocked us all, including one of their biggest fans, Roddy White. Twitter gives us a window into the minds of our favorite athletes, in particular we get to see them voice their opinions on other sports.

White voiced an opinion that many that follow the NBA have also voiced, including yours truly.

Another good point by Roddy. Doc Rivers is a former player with an impressive resume, and he and Rajon Rondo were at each other’s throats. How is Stevens going to reel him in?

People (Celtic fans no doubt) responded to White’s criticism, using Miami Heat coach, Eric Spolestra as an example. It’s a bad example because Spo started from the bottom, slowly working his way up the ladder, and as White pointed out he was mentored by one of the greatest coaches of all-time in Pat Riley.

Probably White’s weakest response. Stevens was a great college coach, getting a team like Butler to the sweet sixteen – much less back to back championship game appearances – is an accomplishment.

And of course, things (as they often do on Twitter) got ugly. Sometimes I wonder why any athlete subjects themselves to the hatred and vitriol that Twitter has to offer. During his rant, White revealed that he’s actually a Celtics fan. I find it fun to see a highly paid and successful athlete react to news about his team the same way you or I would. For all the problems with social networking, it still gives the fan insight into the minds of their favorite athletes that they otherwise wouldn’t.

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