Bubble Football May Be One of the Greatest Sports Ever

By Dan Parzych
Bubble Football
(Shanna Lockwood/USA Today Sports)

Over the years, we’ve seen plenty of fans take their creativity to a whole new level by making up a sport of their own. Some of them are entertaining and some of them are a complete sport, but this thing called Bubble Football may be one of the greatest games ever invented.

What does Bubble Football consist of exactly? Well, as  you can see in the video below, it’s basically just a game of soccer–but with a twist. Instead of the regular game where players just kick the ball around, these players wear some sort of bubble that allows them to make the game a bit more violent–which is awesome.

Watching these players focus more on decking each other instead of actually kicking the soccer ball is hysterical and it’s amazing to see these players fail to get injured more. This video was uploaded from Italy and even though it may seem like a long shot at this point–it would be awesome to see if this sport caught on and developed into an actual league.

Then again, there’s a good chance the amount of injuries that would be taking place from this sport would be through the roof–so this will most likely just be one of those sports where athletes just play for fun from time to time. Plus, with the amount of attention focusing on taking people out with their giant bubble, it’s difficult to imagine there would be many goals scored in this game anyway.

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