Joey Chestnut Scarfs Down 69 Hot Dogs: How Many Could You Eat Given Just 10 Minutes?

By Devin O'Barr

Joey Chestnut is slowly but surely becoming a national icon…for hitting hot dogs at an abnormal pace. The seven-time Nathan’s hot dog eating contest champ flexed his mouth muscles once again this 4th of July as the California-native managed to inhale 69 hot dogs and buns in just 10 minutes!

Believe it or not, 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes breaks a world record that Chestnut set himself last year when he downed 68 dogs.

With that being said, fans across the country gather around the TV and make sure to catch every inch of that hot dog get scarfed down by the best in the business. The debate surrounding Chestnut is whether or not the legendary chow hound is indeed an athlete. While he doesn’t dunk a basketball or sack quarterbacks, he still is considered by many as an athlete because he skillfully and strategically eats so many hot dogs.

No — I’m not buying it.

Stuffing your face is hardly a skill, so guys like Chestnut should be referred to as couch potatoes and not athletes.

Known as “Jaws,” the 29-year-old is the kind of friend that you despise having over because of what he does to the bathroom. Winning these kinds of contests might be good for Chestnut’s wallet, yet this kid’s poor organs have to be taking a beating. Hopefully, the famous eater can life a long and healthy live, but the calories that Chestnut is inhaling on an everyday basis only lends to health issues later on down the road.

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