Referee Brutally Killed: Referee Murders Player During Soccer Match, Quartered and Beheaded By Fans


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In what was simply an amateur soccer match last Sunday in Brazil, one of the more gruesome sports stories we’ve seen in a while has emerged. A 20 year old referee was murdered by fans following a match.

He was then beheaded, with fans proceeding to place his head on a spike in retaliation to an earlier incident taking place in the game.

In the Maranhao region of northeastern Brazil, 30 year old Josenir dos Santos Abreu had made his way to the referee, Otavio Jordao da Silva, in effort to argue a call that was made.

A punch was thrown by Abreu, which was followed by da Silva grabbing a knife from his pocket that he was carrying throughout the match. Da Silva stabbed the player, who ultimately died on the way to the hospital.

The player’s friends and family proceeded to invade the pitch and tied up the referee. They stoned him, beat him, lynched him and then quartered him — severing each of his limbs. When finished, they took his head and placed it on a spike.

At this point, there has only been one arrest made. 27-year-old Luis Moraes Souza has been taken in for the crime and the authorities are said to be looking for at least two more in connection to the murder.

Chief of police, Valter Costa gave a statement in regards to the incidents:

“Reports of witnesses have indicated some people that were in place at the time of the fact. We will identify and hold accountable all those involved. A crime will never justify another. Actions like this do not collaborate with the legality of state law.”

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  • Joseph Valere

    Holy sh*t! Are these people animals?!

  • DoubIenaughtspy

    Those whacky soccer fans are at it again.

    • SportsGenius705

      Whacky…i dunno if that covers it…

  • papreps

    Wow. The world hasn’t seen something like this in a stadium like that since the Romans fed the Christians to the Lions at the Coliseum 2,000 years ago. Wonder what the attendance was?

  • David Miller Rant

    Oh my gosh, I thought the headline was a joke. Wow, just wow…
    Remind me never to go to a soccer game anywhere outside my home town.

    • Phil Naegely

      David, I think this will never happen in the US so you’re safe to leave your hometown if you live in the USA.

  • RogueChocolate

    Plenty of times I’ve wanted to do this to a ref……..but seriously, let’s not forget that much of Brazil is ‘third world’, and sadly this particular region is poor and uneducated.

  • SportsGenius705

    This isn’t screwed up at all. Not the least bit.

  • SportsGenius705

    Although to be fair, i think the ref stabbed a player that he had ejected…

  • Barry Soetoro

    Peoples o color.

  • DC

    This is common stuff in Mexico.

  • copwatcher

    And they say American football is a violent sport compared to non contact soccer