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10 MLB Players Who Should Grab a Tennis Racket

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10 MLB Players Who Should Grab a Tennis Racket

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After Andy Murray became the first British tennis player to win Wimbledon in 77 years, many people throughout the world took to the tennis courts to take on their friends. It is simply what fans do. When watching a major golf tournament on television it is hard not to call up some friends to play a round afterwards. Well, the same goes for tennis.

It is no secret that athletes enjoy testing their skills at other sports, especially golf. Several incredibly gifted athletes excel at other sports because either they played that sport in high school or college, or their unbelievable athletic ability just spills onto a different playing field.

Tennis is another sport that several athletes play for fun in the offseason because it is a very good workout. The fact that there are plenty of similarities between baseball and tennis is a reason why many Major League Baseball players could dominate the sport. In fact, any five-tool baseball player would shine on the tennis court because all of the same skills must be utilized in order to be successful in both sports.

It does not get much more important than overall speed and hand-eye coordination in baseball and tennis. Any athlete who fails to excel in either of those two areas will not be ranked towards the top of their sport. Another similarity is a pitcher’s throwing motion and the way a serve is delivered. Not to mention, a batter striking a ball with power and a tennis player putting different spins on the ball.

Make sure to check out the top 10 MLB players who should pick up a racket in order to see if they could succeed on a tennis court.

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10. Alex Rodriguez

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The injuries are certainly a concern, but Alex Rodriguez has the look of someone who could succeed at playing tennis when healthy. Not to mention, the guy has an eye for the ladies, and what better way to pick up chicks then at the tennis club?

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9. David Wright

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David Wright is one of several men on this list that can be classified as a five-tool baseball player. His ability to hit for average means he consistently puts a bat on the ball. With a little practice, Wright could use that skill to return any serve that comes at him.

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8. Clayton Kershaw

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Starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw typically does a lot of work in the community during the offseason. In fact, he has traveled to Zambia with his wife on several occasions to do volunteer work. Even though Kershaw likes to do as much charity work as possible in his free time, he still needs to stay in shape to make sure the paychecks continue to come his way. One way he could accomplish that is by playing tennis with his wife in his limited free time.

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7. Ryan Braun

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Ryan Braun is a very talented baseball player who could succeed at pretty much anything if he put his mind to it. Considering MLB is looking to suspend him for reportedly violating the Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program, it might be wise for Braun to pick up another sport in order to stay conditioned while he is away from the field.

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6. Justin Verlander

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Being arguably the best pitcher in baseball certainly has its perks. For one, Justin Verlander could use his fame to take tennis lessons from the most talented, beautiful women who play the sport professionally. Not to mention, his plus pitching arm would clearly give him the strength to rocket serves.

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5. Matt Kemp

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Matt Kemp has the arm strength and speed to dominate on the tennis court. His body is also built to handle any tight situation he might find himself in. Whether it is the necessity to react quickly or accelerate from one side of the court to the other, Kemp clearly would keep up with the best of them.

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4. Evan Longoria

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Evan Longoria is a terrific defender in the field, which is something that would transition well over to tennis. The sport is mostly defense filled with a lot of anticipation of where the ball is going to be. This is very similar to how a third baseman must play.

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3. Ichiro Suzuki

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Ichiro Suzuki is not a young guy anymore and there is no question his baseball career is slowly coming to an end. Even though he has probably never played tennis in his life, Ichiro has all of the makings to be good at the sport. He is fast, versatile and has an above-average throwing arm. With retirement around the corner, he might want to give tennis a shot, especially if he finds the need to fuel his competitive edge.

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2. Josh Hamilton

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Josh Hamilton is one of the best five-tool players in the game. His ability to hit with tremendous power would certainly give anyone a difficult time trying to return his serve. Even though he is not the quickest man in baseball, constantly striking a tennis ball with confidence would certainly overwhelm an opponent.

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1. Tim Lincecum

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The reason why pitcher Tim Lincecum is the top baseball player who should grab a tennis racket is because his throwing motion is very similar to that of a serve. It is no secret that the best way to win a tennis match is to hold serve, and something tells me Lincecum could do that with ease. I am assuming the right-hander has given tennis a shot, but he hasn’t, he certainly should.