Hot Pictures of Anna Benson Before She Goes to Jail

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Anna Benson's Hottest Pictures Before She Goes to Jail

Anna Benson's Facebook Page
Anna Benson's Facebook Page

Anna Benson is straight up bat crazy. There ain't no denying that at this point. But there's also no denying she's got arguably the most rockin' body of any baseball WAG who ever lived, and we've got the pictures to prove it.

Benson's smokin' hot body recently invaded the home of her ex-husband and former New York Mets pitcher, Kris Benson, and reportedly robbed him at knife-point while wearing an ammunition belt and a bullet-proof vest. We'll go out on a limb and say she just saw the new Lone Ranger movie, which would explain the getup, but not why she robbed her unsuspecting ex-hubby. I mean seriously: What was she thinking?!

Well, in honor of her inevitable conviction of two felony aggravated assault charges, we've collected the hottest pictures of her ever taken as a lithe way to remember the former Baseball Wives television star before she's put behind bars. Enjoy! And you're welcome.

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Anna Benson

Anna Benson's Facebook Page
Anna Benson's Facebook Page
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Anna Benson

Anna Benson on Twitter
Anna Benson on Twitter
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Anna Benson

Anna Benson's Facebook Page
Anna Benson's Facebook Page
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Anna Benson

Anna Benson's Facebook Page
Anna Benson's Facebook Page
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Anna Benson

Anna Benson's Facebook Page
Anna Benson's Facebook Page
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Anna Benson

Anna Benson on Twitter
Anna Benson on Twitter
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Anna Benson

Anna Benson's Facebook Page
Anna Benson's Facebook Page
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Anna Benson

Anna Benson
Anna Benson's Facebook Page
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Anna Benson

Anna Benson's Facebook Page
Anna Benson's Facebook Page
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Anna Benson

Anna Benson's Facebook Page
Anna Benson's Facebook Page
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Anna Benson

Anna Benson's Facebook Page
Anna Benson's Facebook Page
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Anna Benson

Anna Benson's Facebook Page
Anna Benson's Facebook Page
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Anna Benson

Anna Benson's Facebook Page
Anna Benson's Facebook Page
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Anna Benson

Anna Benson's Facebook Page
Anna Benson's Facebook Page
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Anna Benson

Anna Benson's Facebook Page
Anna Benson's Facebook Page
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Anna Benson

Anna Benson's Facebook Page
Anna Benson's Facebook Page
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Anna Benson

Anna Benson's Facebook Page
Anna Benson's Facebook Page
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Anna Benson

Anna Benson's Facebook Page
Anna Benson's Facebook Page
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Anna Benson

Anna Benson hot
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Anna Benson

Anna Benson hot
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Anna Benson

Anna Benson hot
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Anna Benson

Anna Benson hot

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  • Roggiedodgie

    We’re all future worm food, Mrs. Benson.

  • Coma Tose

    Psychopathic broad.

    • John_Sinropa

      See it coming down Main St.

  • Rick Fortin

    She can serve her time in my guest bedroom

    • Billy Bumtrip

      Just keep her away from the kitchen knives.

  • Kidret

    She probably looked so hot with a vest and ammunition belt.

    • Lt_Scrounge

      Especially if the vest was a couple sizes too small and that was all she was wearing.

  • Knucklehead

    I can see where a guy could make a mistake like that.

  • MDPensFan

    I’m guessing these pics aren’t what Ms. Benson currently looks like.

    • mbaloun71

      Keeping up her toned body will give her something to do.

  • P Terrance Nels

    Hot but screams bat shit crazy from a mile away. Would’ve kept my dick away from this one!

  • juan767

    felony aggravated assault. sounds like the zimmerman case.

  • Sue Em

    weird boobs – they are not in the middle but seem to grow outwards

    • John_Sinropa

      Just a guess-silicone?

    • William P. Homans

      Tits sometimes point outward. I’ve handled such things before. I’ve also handled two mammaries on the same woman that bore absolutely no resemblance to each other in size or shape.

      There once was a girl from Devises (that’s in England)
      With titties of two different sizes.
      The left one was small,
      Almost nothing at all,
      But the right one was large and won prizes.
      __Author Unknown

  • sgtburg

    She’s gorgeous. Too bad she’s two fry’s short of a Happy Meal.

    • John_Sinropa

      One taco short of a combination plate…

      • Art Faucett

        One STD short of a Kardashian.

        • John_Sinropa

          …but only one…

          • Albert8184


        • John Boehme

          ha ha ha

        • govskeptic

          what a great and comparable statement. Vogue Magazine needs
          to get a quick photo for their next cover before her imprisonment.

    • Albert8184

      One foot short of the runway.

      • patriot1742

        The elevator does not go all the way to the top.

        • william lee henry

          the lights are on and nobody is home

          • David Miller

            One sandwich short of a picnic and one shelf short of a display cabinet.

          • Tom Barnett

            One bubble short of full plumb.

          • Jeff

            2 tits short of a brain

      • joshuasweet

        One foot bellow the runway

    • Piquebu

      And you’re one fry short of a spell checker.

    • David Miller

      As we say in Australia, she has a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock.

    • Mandingo Black

      She is not playing with a full deck of cards,there are some missing marbles.

    • Ron Berry

      The lights are flashing, the arms are down, but the train ain’t coming.

  • Daniel Revas

    He cheated on that? I’m sure who the “crazy” one is!

    • Hibernia86

      First of all, where is your proof of that? And second of all, how does that worse than her crimes for which she actually got arrested?

  • wheelnut53

    her ass is as flat as a pancake

    • motoxdad143

      lmao – Not everyone is a fan of those huge fat black asses lol

      • wheelnut53

        me either but damn a little is better than none at all

    • mbaloun71

      Pic #8 looks like a fine ass to me!

    • Common sense

      gotta work those gluts up up like churning butter.

  • Eric Matterson

    The female inmates will love fingering her and licking her c**t.

  • Jerry Verdugo

    I wouldn’t mind dating her! She is good looking AND gorgeous!

  • warren22theape

    I don’t see it, hot? Her face is a butter face.

    • Equality7-2521

      Face? I didn’t notice that she had a head!

    • Kate

      ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww you are blind.

  • Jesse Gomez

    Sanity, intelligence, or beauty. You can only pick two.

    • Steve Smithwick

      She only picked one.

      • Albert8184

        She picked the same one twice.

    • Justin Curtright

      Brains and beauty always. With a set of tits like that, I can deal with crazy.

      • Mandingo Black

        crazy will deal with you alright.

  • Rick Eger

    Love ya Anna

    • Dolph Ramey

      I don’t love you, spliff smoker……

  • debra

    don’t look for no more trash as whores for a wife there up for no good but just to take u all and u all don’t deserve that find that good oh southern woman for a wife those are the best wife to have from Alabama any where down there in that town u got y self something if u search there ok they believe in till death do us apart no leaving or divorce they stays and deal with what ever no divorce that’s how it goes

  • debra

    baseball player,basketball player,football player leave these whores alone find u all a good country girl for a wife she will love u appreciate u better than a woman that has everything already and want take u for a long haul I know yall mother have told u about these women and what they will do to u. this time take yall time and don’t rush in to it u will know when u got her hook she will not rush u to bed or force her self on u or try to make a baby to hook u a real woman want do that they let nature take its on course in do time not in a hurry for all that that’s why I said u all need a good country woman one who will love u for u and not for what u got that’s the kind of wife u all need I wish each and everyone of u all luck on finding that good oh southern country woman ok love each one of u all good success on it

    • Lt_Scrounge

      Yes, a good woman might appreciate them, but damn few of them would appreciate a good woman. There in lies the problem. Those of us who would appreciate a good woman can’t seem to find one, and those who can get one don’t appreciate them.

  • David

    Sounds like good advice from Debra.

  • bigjoecat

    How do I contribute to her defense fund. This was clearly a stunt to promote her new book and movie.

  • BigR2

    Looking into those eys, nutty as a fruitcake.

    • John

      I looked her up. Her eyes freaked me out.

  • festus

    well at least she has something to trade for cigarettes

  • John

    What a waste of talent.


    Some lesbo is gonna eat her up as a cellie.

  • Rocco Steo

    Cant blame Chris

  • Peter

    At what point did Kris think the marriage wasn’t worth the bat-shit crazy crap he was putting up with? Maybe after he read this interview?

  • Joe Cristarella

    I don’t care how crazy she is, she is smoking hot and I would not turn down a chance to be her boyfriend or husband!

    • evan316

      I am sure she could change your mind, I married one like that, got broken bones and stitches to prove it, after 3 years of that I returned a few of her attacks so she has a few or her own to remember. When I got out of that situation, it was the happiest day of my life

  • jeandeux

    she’s got the crazy eyes!

  • Lisa Legs
  • sciguybm

    Must have been all that silicon leaking from her “assets” and going into her brain.

    Remember this kids: surgery for vanity = insanity!

  • Goober

    Well the “ladies” in jail are gonna have a lot of fun with her.

  • Jack_Reacher

    A Jodi Arias clone? What’s up with these deadly (b)*tches?

    And let’s be real for a moment, this woman is merely “porno-good looking”, and you guys know what I mean.

    • Jairrel Waymond

      I don’t think you should use the word “merely”: because “Porno-good looking” ,imo, is basically the same as saying “above average”. Can’t speak for you, but from what I’ve seen–most women in porn (atleast nowadays) are pretty hot/above average. I mean really: you have to atleast be above average to become a “name” in the porn industry.

  • mbaloun71

    I wonder how they met and how long they dated.

  • Josh kaufman

    She’s not attractive.

    • John Boehme

      your pic ain’t so hot either

    • Kate

      should I get attractive for you? or John Or Coma? or are you talking about my sister.

      • Kate

        because none of that is going to happen

  • GNH

    She’ll be the Belle of A,B,C,D,E, and F Block.

  • t1oracle

    Oh, make up and implants on a skinny lady with a square face. What’s remarkable about her other than being crazy?

  • Oldsailor65

    I will never have known what it is like to be a “beautiful person”, I have always had to work for a living. Beautiful people have an easy life

  • Darth Kenyan

    Wouldn’t you EXPECT Satan’s daughter to be incredibly attractive?

  • Felix Navarro

    Damn I want to be her cellmate

  • Matt Eddings

    These photos are ten years old

  • Robert C
    • Common sense

      flag it and tag it one time for old glory..

  • MIA

    CRAZY EYES! He should have seen this coming…

    • tuesdaysgone

      He won’t looking at her eyes….

  • Were Rabbit

    How about one last woopie

  • jaun sanchez

    She can rob me, tie me up beat me please her husband must be GAY

  • Daddy

    Really hot women are much more fun when they are bat sh*t crazy!! Gotta love ‘em!!

  • Common sense

    can she get conjugal visits? i’ll take one for the team and volunteer.. ;)

  • spockmckoy

    I can say she has the whitest teeth I’ve ever come across…………

  • Alec Sevins

    Photo 14 reveals her phony side. She was likely a gold-digger from day one. Too many women use their shape as a weapon and men get blinded. Her mug shot (elsewhere) looks like a meth before & after shot.

  • sawtooth354

    The guards will have a lottery to see who gets to frisk her

  • TonyV

    Ok, so I forgive the dude for being temporarily insane enough to marry this broad, the photos alone are enough to make you miss several red flags.

  • Larry1969

    She would not have needed a knife or bullet proof vest to rob me. I would have given her my wallet, what little there is in the fucker, my tv, iPod, iPad, or whatever else she asked for as long as I got to nail her. Also, the crazy bitch could have kept the ammunition-belt on. That would have looked kinda hot. If I was Kris Benson, I would broker a deal with her and Anna’s defense attorney and tell them that if long as she came runnin, no matter what time I called for a booty-call, I would drop the charges. Damn, everyone deserves a second chance. And after seein her body, she deserves unlimited chances. Of course, I would install metal detectors and strip search her after she entered my house, but damn, look at her.

  • Richard Basey

    I’ll take her off their hands…I’m use to crazy but hot women…. : )

  • vonskippy

    Meh. Fake boobies, fake smile, average face. Hundreds of thousands of women way better looking and way smarter not to marry for money in the first place.

  • sniffles09

    that’s why you get a prenup
    and hide the knives

    • evan316

      I would suggest running and trying to next one instead. Could increase your life span.

  • Bill Conol

    I wish a girl like that would stalk me and hold me at knife point…gees some guys get all the breaks.

  • Andrea Samardzija

    Anna Benson is a crazier baseball wife than Tawny Kitaen…..and she got arrested for domestic violence and tried to stab her then-husband with heels. Kudos.

    • Corba Kai

      Best was when she went on Howard Stern and when asked what she’d do if her husband cheated on her, she says she’d bang the entire Mets organization.

  • Kimieson

    Hope Kris gets his money back for those implants!

  • Lovable, Pragmatic Hoss

    Like the old saying goes…”No mater how good she looks, so guy somewhere is sick of her sh!t.”

  • northstar10

    She would not have been with him if he wasn’t making $millions a year. She may be a ‘nut case” but she isn’t stupid.

  • wally24

    Why are the really hot ones always bat-crap-crazy?

  • jim

    That’s why you don’t marry a stripper.

  • John Burris

    Robbing someone who already knows you isn’t too bright. LMAO

  • Juvenal

    Check out the eyes, something isn’t wired right.

    • Skook

      A horse or human, when the eyes are set too far apart, there is a spook waiting to be unleashed.

  • JTDeth

    Physically attractive hysterical female hooks up with athlete driven by gonads with mind either absent or checked out resulting in no judgment and they hysteric female goes nuts. Who would have thought that could happen?

  • TheFlipster

    She’ll make a whole lot of friend’s in the big house.

  • Michael Lovett

    I love it when a woman knows she is never going to be anything but some guy’s slut toy, like this woman. I bet when she was all of 15 and all sprouted, she looked at herself naked in a mirror and said “I’m going to go find me a rich hunk of a man with this body when I am legal!” and she did.

    • dave

      thats because you are a fagg4g–thank God for aids

  • visibleunderwater

    thus why you should NEVER marry a stripper…they might act all normal and cool, but lurking in there somewhere is the crazy…

  • Ardeare

    I’d like to bend that over and go to town. I’d tear that up. i SURE WOULD PUMP that. I would hit that hard and often.


    hot? because she is half naked? that does not constitute as being hot being hot is when a woman is beautiful in anything she wears.

  • dave

    drop dead gorgeous

  • OldnBold

    No Jail! House arrest. My house.

  • Cathy

    Fake, fake, fake, fake, fake!

  • Jessica Hannah

    When you marry a “body” unfortunately the beyotch comes with it

  • liloldunit

    She’s a Psyhco Bitch From Hell!!! But the story goes, they are the Best for Sex. And a MLB Pitcher as a Husband….. His work is One day On, Four days Rest. At Home he’s One Day Off, and Four Days On. You’d need a Crowbar to get me off her!!!

  • Floyd Teter

    Maybe Benson is just disappointed that she didn’t tie him up and take advantage while she was there?

  • ChargerGrant

    Face isn’t all that, but she’s f-able. Too bad she’s a psycho.

  • TheMadProfessor

    Would seem to confirm HIMYM’s Barney’s theory of hot vs. crazy

  • SirQL8

    B.orn I.n T.he C.ounty H.ospital

  • Michael Mora

    Maybe she can do porn, like Amy Fischer, after she gets out of jail!

  • gdeez

    Hot…NO DOUBT! But something about her definitely screams RUBBER ROOM!

  • DaddlieDo

    Let’s see.

    Long hair,breast implants brazillian butt-andthigh firming techniques…

    Hmm the obvious reason is this one can afford much money to do her ‘dos’. Just another wild one who hit the jackpot and act up, No different than all these other super-star scums.

  • Felix H. Brown, III

    “She’s got arguably the most rockin’ body of any baseball WAG who ever lived”? She is HOT, but there was a Baseball Wife who was HOTTER: Tawny Kitaen.



  • victor

    30 day trial is in order just to see if I like it

  • Jim Hise

    She was looking good until I reached the pic with the tattoo. Enough already.

  • Dick Edgington

    To repeat the advice a friend of my gave to a group of young guys: That girl over there (hypothetical girl)? The smokin hot one, that will do anything you ask just, the one that will do anything just as long as you pay attention to her? That girl? That girl is CRAZY. Stay the hell away from that girl. Thats all I could think when I say this article. My friend is a wise man.