Justin Bieber Visits Chicago, Poses With Stanley Cup; You Mad?

By Paul Seaver
Gary A. Vasquez-USA Today Sports

The Chicago Blackhawks claimed the 2013 Stanley Cup with a thrilling Game 6 victory over the Boston Bruins last month. From the Game 6 victory to the streets of the city of Chicago to the Blackhawks’ clubhouse, the cup is making its rounds as it usually does each and every year.

On Tuesday night, the Cup received an interesting visitor, however — a pop singer who has become notoriously known for virtually knowing nothing about sports. Justin Bieber, yes that’s right — the Biebs — posed with the Stanley Cup on Tuesday night and the picture below was released by the Blackhawks’ senior director of market development and community affairs, Peter Hassen.

Biebs is posing with his classic “I’m the man” look, his hat on backwards and a black top tank with the No. 1 in the air. Who would’ve thought he would be a Blackhawk’s fan, huh?

Peter Hassen – Twitter

Well, let’s be serious — he’s not. In fact, he’s probably never watched a hockey game in his life. Yet he posed with the Cup while in Chicago for a concert. It should irk some people, but Hassen made a great point in his tweets following the photo’s release. Hassen stated that Biebs is appealing from a marketing standpoint to the next generation of Blackhawks’ fans.

We get it — Biebs is popular and Biebs posed with the Stanley Cup, therefore if he did, fans will now like the Blackhawks. Well, there you go Chicago, Bieber’s fans may someday be Blackhawks’ fans. Just what hockey needs.

As you can tell from the top up top, the Biebs has trouble putting his phone down — needless to say, he probably would have missed both the game-tying and game-winning goals that Chicago scored to win the Cup in Game 6 anyway. They were just too quick for him.

Regardless, I am going to vote that we keep the World Series trophy away from the Biebs this coming October. One is enough for him.


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