Movie About Boston Marathon Bombings is Way Too Soon

By Ben Grimaldi
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Some stories don’t need to be told right away, just as some people don’t need to be reminded of events that occurred too closely in the past. A movie about the Boston Marathon bombings coming in the next few years falls into both of those categories.

Multiple outlets are reporting that writers Eric Johnson and Paul Tamasy have acquired the movie rights to the book Boston Strong, written by Dave Wedge and Casey Sherman. The writing duo who also wrote The Fighter, are expected to adapt the book onto the big screen.

No one really knows how long the movie will take to come out but anything within the next five years seems to be too soon. It was a major tragedy that happened less than three months ago and beginning the process of producing something that will remind people of the horror that occurred is a mistake. 

Forget for a second the pain it could cause those who lived through it, but by rushing this story out imagine how many misconceptions and inaccuracies that might occur just because they wanted to capitalize on the event while it’s fresh in the mind. Everyone should allow some time to pass for wounds to heal and to give the victim’s time to move on with their lives before society reminds them of what happened.

People who lived through or were affected by the bombings will never forget what happened that day but that doesn’t mean it’s necessary to voluntarily remind them of it either. We should all allow the victims the proper amount of time to try and get over the tragedy and a movie coming too soon is a mistake.

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