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Predicting Which Teams Justin Bieber Will Be Rooting For Over the Next Year

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Which Teams Will Justin Bieber Be Rooting For Next?

(Peter Hassen/Twitter)

In a week filled with plenty of interesting stories in the sports world, nothing takes the cake more than popular singer (for whatever reason) Justin Bieber posing with the Stanley Cup in the locker room of the Chicago Blackhawks.

Because you know—Bieber is the biggest Blackhawks fan on the face of this earth.

While any celebrity would love to take advantage of posing with arguably the greatest trophy in all of sports, Chicago fans have been livid with the singer not only because they can’t stand him, but for the fact that he stood on the team logo while taking a photo—which apparently is the ultimate sign of disrespect in their minds.

Either way, if there were anything to take away from this news story—it would be Bieber is clearly one of the biggest bandwagon fans in all of sports. Just look at some of his photos over the years and it’s clear the Biebs always seems to be rocking some sort of gear for whatever team seems to be the most popular at the moment—but his recent support for the Blackhawks has started all sorts of outrage from fans in the Chicago area.

From posing in the Blackhawks locker room to rocking Miami Heat gear while attending the NBA Finals, it’s safe to say Bieber is what we like to refer to as a frontrunner—which means there’s a good chance we’ll know which teams he’ll be rooting for next.

Here’s a look at a few teams Bieber could become a fan of over the next year.

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Pittsburgh Pirates

(David Banks/USA Today Sports)

Sure, the Pittsburgh Pirates have a history of losing, but this FINALLY seems like the year in which they could make the playoffs. If the Pirates get hot at the right time and somehow manage to come through by winning the World Series--don't be surprised if Bieber joins the bandwagon along with a ton of other Pittsburgh fans.

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St. Louis Cardinals

(Jeff Curry/USA Today Sports)

Once again, the St. Louis Cardinals have one of the best records in baseball and it wouldn't be a surprise if they got hot again like they always do once September rolls around. If this happens, let's just hope Bieber is smart enough not to be rocking an Albert Pujols jersey.

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Atlanta Dream

(Mark L Baer/USA Today Sports)

That's right--the Biebs will most likely become a huge fan of the WNBA's Atlanta Dream if they go on to win the finals. Alright this may seem a little bit more unlikely, but it fits with the topic of this article--so just go along with it.

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Dwight Howard

(Richard Mackson/USA Today Sports)

What's bigger than all of the drama surrounding Dwight Howard finally making the decision to join the Houston Rockets? All of the drama surrounding Bieber being Howard's No. 1 fan if the Rockets win the 2014 NBA Finals over the Miami Heat.

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Denver Broncos

(Ron Chenoy/USA Today Sports)

The Denver Broncos were already one of the top teams in the AFC last year and with the addition of Wes Welker--they could be even better in 2013. Don't be surprised if there's already a No. 18 Broncos jersey somewhere in the back of Bieber's closet--which was most likely purchased after Manning helped the team clinch the No. 1 seed in the playoffs last year.

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Alabama Crimson Tide

(Matthew Emmons/USA Today Sports)

When considering the fact the Alabama Crimson Tide have won three of the last four National Championships--it wouldn't be a surprise if Bieber has been on Nick Saban's bandwagon for a few years already.

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Kentucky Wildcats

(Beth Hall/USA Today Sports)

Expectations are high for the Kentucky Wildcats as they have one of the top recruiting classes once again. There's a reason why the Wildcats are considered the preseason No. 1--which means the Biebs may want to purchase a "K" hat early in advance if the team lives up to their hype.

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Pittsburgh Penguins

(Greg M. Cooper/USA Today Sports)

It was a big shock to see the Pittsburgh Penguins fall short of reaching the Stanley Cup Finals and there's a good chance they'll be one of the top contenders again next season. Who knows--maybe Justin will become a fan of two Pittsburgh sports teams next season.