Twitter Battle Takes Place Between Marshall Henderson and Erin Andrews

By Jack Jorgensen
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Today, the inevitable finally happened. Okay, while it was treated as breaking news — and deservedly so, we all knew that eventually the ever-arrogant Ole Miss Rebels basketball star Marshall Henderson was going to get himself in deep, deep trouble.

With reports today that the guard apparently failed his second drug test, which subsequently led to him being indefinitely suspended by the school, the majority of us took the news as something that we saw coming. It was basically like watching an oncoming train approach a Ford Pinto stuck on the tracks. You know that when it hits, it’s going to be ugly, and that’s exactly what happened with Henderson earlier today.

Of course with all incidents such as this, all media personnel are going to give their take on the situation. You expect to see comments from sports personalities that you either see on TV or read in print on a regular basis.

Well, one of those personalities that wanted to voice their opinion was former ESPN and current FOX Sports personality, Erin Andrews. Responding to a tweet breaking the news, Andrews took a slight jab at the Ole Miss sensation.


Okay Erin, that was a good point. Henderson did garner the majority of his fame by his ability to mock opposing fans. He even went so far one time as to have a group of Auburn fans give him the number one signal — with their middle fingers.

Now if you’re a follower of Henderson’s on twitter (if you’re not, then go do it now, trust me) then you know that he considers every Wednesday, “#WhiteGirlWednesday.” So, did you really think that he was going to sit back and have a white girl take a jab at him at not respond?

If your answer was yes, then you don’t know Marshall.


Oh, now we have a full-fledged twitter beef on our hands.

If you had it penned on your calendars back in January that at some point this year Erin Andrews and Marshall Henderson would have heat with one another, raise your hand. Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Nonetheless, it did happen and we’re all better for it.

We love you, sports twitter. Never change.


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