Watch Trick Shot Titus Take an Unfortunate Basketball Pass to the Face

By Dan Parzych
Trick Shot Titus
(Jeff Hanisch/USA Today Sports)

By now, just about every sports fan has heard of the famous Trick Shot Titus as the youngster is a basketball shooting machine and has even worked his way to celebrity status by making numerous appearances on television–including Jimmy Kimmel Live. Young Titus recently paid a visit to Fox and Friends to show off his skills, but unfortunately for him–this one didn’t end the way he would have liked it to.

As usual, Titus is on fire when shooting the basketball as he could be in line for the pros if he continues to play at this rate, but then he took the basketball to the face after anchor Brian Kilmeade attempted to pass the ball to the two-year-old. Unfortunately for Kilmeade, the minor incident left little Titus in tears and the show was left with the decision to go to commercial break since he was crying like crazy.

It’s understandable why Kilmeade would have assumed that Titus would have no problem catching the ball since he had little trouble with making all of the shots he took, but the anchor has to keep in mind that this kid is only two-years-old and may not have mastered catching balls just yet.

As difficult as it is not to laugh during this segment, you have to feel bad to see this happen to Titus. And thanks to the smart decision by Kilmeade to try and pass the ball, there’s a good chance Titus won’t be returning to the program any time soon.

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