San Jose Sharks Provide Their Own 'Sharknado' to Burn ESPN

By Jack Jorgensen
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

According to Nielsen rating reports released today, 1.4 million people partook in the majesty last night that was the SyFy Original Movie, Sharknado. Filled with terrible acting performances from former ‘90210’ star Ian Ziering as well as Tara Reid of ‘American Pie’ fame, the movie was a viral hit mainly due to the fact that it was a movie about a tornado–filled with sharks–that attacked Los Angeles. There was zero chance of failure for this masterpiece now matter how dull the acting was.

To view the success of this hit, all you had to do was follow along on twitter. For the first time since maybe the Olympic Games, virtually everyone on my timeline was watching this piece of greatness and reveling in its sheer ridiculousness. This trend even carried on into today.

Still a hot topic of discussion this morning, the lightbulb apparently went off in whomever was running the ESPN twitter account’s head that there is a professional sports franchise that goes by the moniker of “Sharks.”

So, not to be outdone by all of us who may be just a tad bit more clever, the Worldwide Leader turned loose on their keyboard and gave cashing in on the Sharknado phenomenon their best shot….

Ha-Ha-Ha! You guys see what they did there? Okay, yeah that’s probably the dumbest out of the thousands of jokes that transcended from the movie, but did you expect anything less from those guys?

However, no matter how corny or unfunny the dig was, the San Jose Sharks organization was not the least bit pleased apparently, so they decided to fire back. And if ESPN’s shot at them could be considered as slightly missing its target, you can consider the Sharks’ rebuttal a bullseye right to the heart. Because not only were they correct, they addressed a concern the hockey masses have had for quite some time….


You hear that? That’s me standing–and clapping–and maybe shedding a prideful tear. Well done, Sharks!


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