Lolo Jones Rumored to Have Gotten Into Bar Fight

By Andrew Fisher

In the random sports story of the day, track star Lolo Jones is rumored to have gotten into a bar fight. Radio host and former Olympian Amy Van Dyken was the first to speak on this rumor on her show Monday night, and now the word is starting to spread across the internet.

The fight supposedly took place at a bar between Jones and the daughter of her bobsled coach. But then there’s also a version where she fought the bar owner’s daughter. Either way, there’s absolutely no record of anything taking place. There are no police records or any other people speaking up besides Van Dyken, who sounds very confident in her sources.

Now the story might become more about a possible cover-up than anything else. People will start to demand the truth as these rumors continue to swirl, and Lolo may ultimately have to break her silence on the matter.

As for now, all of this is just hearsay. I think we can all see that, given that there are different versions of what actually may have happened. However, this just seems like a story that’s so odd, that it just might be true. Unless someone is just trying further damage the image of Jones, there would be no motivation to start such a rumor.

No matter what, though, Jones will probably come out okay in all of this. She might even gain some new followers and get the attention of some people that would have never given her the time of day otherwise.


Jones is now rumored to have fought a bobsled official’s stepdaughter. Along with this, it’s being said that her entire bobsled team was brought together and told to keep quiet on the issue…


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