How Should Tiger Woods Feel About Lindsey Vonn Never Wanting to Get Married?

By Dan Parzych
Lindsey Vonn
(Paul Cunningham/USA Today Sports)

With the 2013 British Open set to get underway this week, all eyes will not only be on Tiger Woods, but his lovely girlfriend as well, Lindsey Vonn. The duo has been one of the most popular couples in sports over the last year or so and while it seemed like the two would eventually settle down and tie the knot–it looks like that may not exactly be the case.

Vonn was recently asked about marriage and provided a shocking response in which she discussed how she wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. While this may come as a bit of a surprise, the biggest shock of the interview may have been when Vonn said she definitely not getting married to anyone.

Poor Tiger.

It’s understandable why Vonn feels this was about marriage considering the aftermath of her previous marriage, but it’s also difficult not to wonder how Tiger feels about all of this. Obviously, Tiger has some interesting opinions on marriage himself after his controversial sex scandal during his marriage with Elin Nordegren, but it wouldn’t be surprised if he at least considered marrying again down the road with the right woman–which Vonn seemed like the perfect candidate.

If Woods does in fact want to get married down the road, this may be a topic the couple should talk about now instead of waiting down the road to make sure they’re not wasting each other’s time. Then again, with all of the drama from the past between these two and previous relationships–maybe they would be better off just doing what they’re doing now as a couple.

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