Jim Carrey Makes High School Baseball Team's Day

By Andrew Fisher
Jim Carrey
Photo courtesy of Twitter

In a very random story from the state of Iowa Wednesday, actor Jim Carrey had a run-in with the Pella High School baseball team. You might be asking, why the heck would Jim Carrey be in Iowa on a random Wednesday in July? It’s a very valid question, and the answer is transcendental meditation.


Carrey was visiting the Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, IA at the same time the Pella baseball team was finishing up its regular season finale. The ‘Dutch’ stopped at the local Burger King to ease the pain of their 7-1 loss to Fairfield, when all of a sudden the players recognized Carrey, who was also enjoying himself at the BK.

Pella manager Jesse Jablonski caught wind of the celebrity in the house and he made sure his players didn’t bother the legendary comedian. But apparently Carrey insisted on interacting with the team and followed them back to their bus for the photo you see above.

The best part of the story is this – the player that posted this photo claims that Carrey yelled out, “Who are the f%$#*ng winners now!?” as the shot was taken. That’s why you see him holding up seven fingers and the kid in front of him holding up one.

I can definitely see Carrey making a comment like that, because that’s exactly the kind of hilarious thing he would do. Regardless, Jablonski reported that his players forgot all about their tough loss after meeting the funny man.

Fun fact about Pella, IA – NBA star Kyle Korver played high school basketball there.


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