Chris Johnson Claims He'll Smoke Enormous Cigar on His Own If Tennessee Titans Win Super Bowl

By Dan Parzych
Chris Johnson
(Chris Johnson Instagram)

When it comes to picking the favorites to win the Super Bowl next season, the Tennessee Titans are unfortunately one of those teams that seem like a long shot at this point. Still, when it comes to football, anything can happen on any given Sunday–especially with a running back like Chris Johnson on the roster.

Johnson’s numbers may be down over the last two seasons compared to earlier in his career, but the running back seems like this team’s only chance at any shot of reaching the Super Bowl next season. And if that does happen, Johnson apparently already knows how he’s going to celebrate–smoking a giant victory cigar.

As you can see above, Johnson uploaded a photo to Instagram of himself holding an enormous cigar that he claims will be smoked entirely if the Titans end up winning the Super Bowl. There’s no question cigars have always been a popular way to go for professional athletes when it comes to winning championships, but for any individual to smoke a cigar that big on their own would be one of the unhealthiest things in the world.

Lucky for Johnson, chances are good he won’t have to worry about coming through on his word considering Tennessee’s chances of emerging as one of the top teams in the AFC are slim, let alone a tough division like the AFC South. Even if Johnson doesn’t get the chance to enjoy this cigar, it would still be interesting to see any individual attempt to smoke one that big on their own–and most likely dangerous.

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