Meet Meredith Barber: VCU Student and Redskins Fan Linked to Robert Griffin III Scandal

By Dan Parzych
Meredith Barber
(Meredith Barber Tumblr)

Bad news for the Washington Redskins–it looks like Robert Griffin III is possibly following the footsteps of Brett Favre by finding himself in the middle of a possible sexting scandal.

Just a few weeks after his marriage to long-time girlfriend Rebecca Liddicoat, Griffin is making headlines for all of the wrong reasons after reports indicated a VCU student by the name of Meredith Barber was trying to “negotiate” a price for the release of inappropriate photos, texts, and screen shots of the Redskins quarterback. Normally, it’s difficult to believe these kinds of stories as individuals are always looking for a quick way to earn some extra cash, but the fact that there have been numerous screen shots have already been released of text messages and the two on FaceTime with each other doesn’t help Griffin’s case in this one.

Details are still emerging about who exactly this Barber person is other than the fact that she attends VCU and happens to be a big Redskins fan, but at least we know from the photo above she works at Hooters. It’s one thing to be compared to Favre based off of your performances on the football field, but to be compared to the future Hall of Fame quarterback for a possible sexting scandal like this–nobody wants to find themselves in that position.

Best of luck to you RGIII–the first year of marriage with Rebecca could quickly become more interesting after this story.

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