Thomas Bjorn Hits Camera During 2013 British Open

By Andrew Fisher
Thomas Bjorn
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The game of golf features a lot of things that are extremely difficult to pull off. The hole-in-one is the most difficult of all, but Thomas Bjorn did the next best thing during the first round of the 2013 British Open. On the first hole while hitting out of the rough, Bjorn pulled this off:

The fact that he hit a camera right in the lens is amazing, but he hit no ordinary camera. This one owned by the four-letter network reportedly cost $80,000! I wonder who’s paying for that?

Bjorn’s day was pretty good overall, as he finished the first round at +2 (73), putting him in a tie for 47th place. Bjorn certainly isn’t a household name in the world of golf, but this viral gem should help put him on the map. For a little perspective on who this guy is – to date, he’s ranked No. 229 on the PGA tour, and he’s earned $69,307 so far in 2013.

Although Bjorn is well off the pace as he heads into day two, he still stands in pretty decent shape overall. It’s going to be a tough road ahead for all Open participants this weekend, as the course is dry and extremely fast. Many golfers have complained about the condition of greens and fairways and it’s clear that those playing early rounds have an advantage.

Bjorn figures to hang around throughout the championship and add to his winnings, but he won’t be able to pull of a shot like that, ever again.

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