Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari Pull Off Epic 80's Costumes For Charity Party

By Dan Parzych
Jay Cutler
(David Banks/USA Today Sports)

Everybody knows what Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is capable of doing on the field, but when it comes to off the field–let’s just say he must know how to throw one heck of a party for a good cause as well.

A photo of Cutler dressed in 80’s gear has taken the internet by storm on Friday–mainly because Cutler would be the last player in the NFL anyone would expect to do something like this. However, Cutler threw the 80’s party along with his lovely wife, Kristin Cavallari, to raise money for the quarterbacks foundation towards diabetes.

Jay Cutler
(USA Today Sports)

From the bright orange short shorts to the ridiculously looking shoes with high socks, it’s difficult to determine what part of Cutler’s 80’s outfit is the most hilarious. Either way, it’s always good to see professional athletes help put together events like this to raise money for a good cause and let’s hope Mr. and Mrs. Cutler decide to put together more parties like this in the future with more amazing themes.

As for Cutler preparing for the 2013 season, the quarterback hopes a new coaching staff can help the Bears bounce back from what turned out to be a disappointing season last year. Even though they finished with a 10-6 record during the regular season, the team did start off 7-1 and managed to fall short of the playoffs–which is nothing short of embarrassing.

Hopefully, Cutler can help turn things around as he looks to continue building chemistry with star wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

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