35 Female Athletes You Would Leave Your Girlfriend For

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Hot Female Athletes: 30 You Would Leave Your Girlfriend For

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Some female athletes have a lot of power over sports fans. The tremendous talent on top of the tremendous beauty can make them extremely appealing. Being successful and winning can add to someone’s appeal, but I didn’t add up titles or trophies to construct this list. Those things are definitely factors but mostly supplemental. There wasn’t a lot of critical thinking put into this list, just as not a lot of critical thinking goes into who we are attracted to.

And don’t feel any shame about a hot woman having the power to end your relationship. Ryan Gosling could come up and whisper sweet nothings to your lady and she won’t think twice about leaving you. Make no mistake about it; she has a group of men in mind that could make her forget your name.

Now a girlfriend is one thing, but as a happily married man, nobody could tear me away from my wife. No way. I would never admit to that publicly. But I will admit, if any of the ladies on this list showed any interest in me, having to say no would haunt me for the rest of my life. Thankfully I don’t have to worry about that because I’m extremely unappealing to women. But regardless, here are some women who are very appealing to me, and who I believe could steal you from your girlfriend.

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#35 - Anastasia Ashley

Anastasia Ashley's Facebook Page

Surfers are now the hottest athletes on the planet, and Ashley is a definite asset to that cause.

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#34 - Christa Alves

Christa Alves' Facebook Page

Alves puts an exclamation point on how hot surfers are today.

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#33 - Melanie Adams

Melanie Adams' Facebook Page

Adams is the best thing to happen to Australian pole vaulting since ─ ever.

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#32 - Leryn Franco

Leryn Franco's Facebook Page

Franco is one of those javelin thrower/models you're always hearing about.

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#31 - Natalie Coughlin

Natalie Coughlin's Facebook Page

A 12-time Olympic medalist, Coughlin can swim, model, and probably steal you from your girlfriend.

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#30 - Sage Erickson

@SheyNelson on Twitter

Erickson is another ridiculously hot surfer. Why isn't this sport more popular?

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#29 - Skylar Diggins

Geoff Burke - USA TODAY Sports

Don't be shocked when this Tulsa Shock rookie makes you forget your girlfriend's name.

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#28 - Sydney Leroux

David Manning - USA TODAY Sports

Leroux definitely helps soccer players rival surfers for hottest athlete.

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#27 - Aimee Fuller

@Sport10internet on Twitter

I don't know why I assume snowboarders usually smell bad, but Fuller probably doesn't.

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#26 - Roberta Mancino

@sa_tourguide on Twitter

Mancino has brought attention to sports most people probably didn't know were sports. She is one of the best skydivers, base jumpers, and wingsuit flyers out there.

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#25 - Fatima Moreira de Melo


If you love Dutch field hockey (and who doesn't), then you definitely love Fatima Moreira de Melo.

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#24 - Sara Galimberti


This Italian track star also entered the Miss Italy pageant and somehow came up short.

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#23 - Sasha Cohen


At the 2006 Winter Olympics, Cohen grabbed the Silver Medal in figure skating, but if looks were calculated into the score (and they should be) she would have got the gold.

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#22 - Danica Patrick


The only woman on this list that plays with the boys, can play with me anytime.

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#21 - Jessica Ennis-Hill


Despite what is sounds like, the heptathlon isn't some all-nighter with a group of diseased partners. It's one of the most challenging Olympic events and Ennis-Hill is the unquestioned best in the world.

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#20 - Victoria Pendleton


This British beauty doesn't just wear weird dresses ─ she is one of the best track cyclists in the world, grabbing gold medals at every level.

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#19 - Miesha Tate


I'm resisting the urge to make a corny joke about being a knockout for the 12th-ranked pound for pound women's fighter in the world.

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#18 - Martina Hingis


This Swiss Miss dominated the tennis circuit in the late 90s, and is looking better and better every year.

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#17 - Michelle Waterson


The Karate Hottie is the top-ranked atomweight fighter in the world. Who would stop her from taking any man she wanted?

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#16 - Allison Baver


Baver is a great speed skater, has an MBA, incredibly hot, and can end what you thought was a happy relationship.

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#15 - Lolo Jones

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Considering her two gold medals in the world indoor championships, this American hurdler doesn’t deserve the “Kournikova” label some like to give her.

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#14 - Becky Hammon

Flickr-Creative Commons

After repeated snubs by the U.S. Olympic team, this WNBA star decided to compete for the Russians. Don’t get her wrong, Becky Hammon loves America. She just won’t let anything stop her from playing the game she loves.

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#13 - Ronda Rousey

Flickr-Creative Commons

The first and current UFC Women’s Bantam Weight Champion, Ronda Rousey is beautiful, talented and not the only woman on this list who could end you with her bare hands.

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#12 - Laila Ali

Flickr-Creative Commons

Laila Ali retired from boxing undefeated as a champion and is still looking amazing.

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#11 - Leilani Mitchell

Flickr-Creative Commons

This stunning New York Liberty star is no stranger to steals. Don’t act like she couldn’t steal you if she wanted to.

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#10 - Alicia Sacramone

Flickr-Creative Commons

Alicia Sacramone has four World Championship gold medals, 9 Visa Championship gold medals, an Olympic silver medal, and my heart.

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#9 - Francesca Piccinini

Flickr-Creative Commons

This volleyball great has represented Italy in the Olympics four times between 2000 and 2012.

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#8 - Lindsey Vonn

Flickr-Creative Commons

One of the most decorated alpine ski racers in history, Lindsey Vonn turns heads on and off the slope.

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#7 - Caroline Wozniacki

Flickr-Creative Commons

Formerly ranked No. 1 on the WTA Tour, Caroline Wozniacki still has several years of great tennis left in her at the age of 23.

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#6 - Maria Kirilenko

Flickr-Creative Commons

This isn’t the only place Maria Kirilenko was able to crack the top ten. The tennis star also recently achieved a World No. 10 ranking in June. She is probably more excited about the latter.

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#5 - Darya Klishina

Wikimedia Commons

This ridiculously gorgeous Russian is a long jump champion and, not surprisingly, also a model.

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#4 - Hope Solo

Flickr-Creative Commons

Hope Solo is a fierce competitor, a two-time Olympic gold medalist, and widely considered one of the greatest goalkeepers in history. Who wouldn’t bench their girlfriend for her?

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#3 - Maria Sharapova

Flickr-Creative Commons

If beauty and success are in the criteria, then it should be illegal to leave Maria Sharapova off of any female athlete list. With 29 career WTA titles, a current No. 2 ranking, and stupid good looks she is a no-brainer.

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#2 - Alex Morgan

Flickr-Creative Commons

Alex Morgan is an Olympic gold medalist, the 2012 U.S. Soccer Female Athlete of the Year, a best-selling children’s book author, and just stunningly beautiful.

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#1 - Alana Blanchard

Flickr-Creative Commons

One of the best female surfers in the business, Alana Blanchard is also a bikini model and star of her own TV show titled “Surfer Girl”. On top of that, she is hot enough to make most men leave their girlfriends for just a Powerball chance at being with her.

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  • William Dufrane

    No freaking way would I leave mine for this trash….

    • Tiamat Q Dragon

      They’d probably think you are trash as well.

      • SportsGenius705

        William totally has a shot with these ladies, Dragon.

        By the way, you can call me “night-hawk.”

      • joe jones

        you should fit right in between the c-hole and the a-hole.

    • joe jones

      GD right

  • jpowers55

    Just another excuse to show pics of hot female athletes? This site is trash.

    • YZ Lee

      Hey you clicked the link.

    • Danny Ramsey

      exactly how long did it take you to analyze this trash? It took me at least half hour..ugh

      • The Whole Nine Nards

        Was lotion involved in this analysis?

    • Master Reynolds

      Probably a believer in the magical man in the sky

      • Dak Broadbent

        And what a great GOD he is.

    • SportsGenius705

      False. This site is awesome.

  • vettevet2002 .

    neither Williams sister?


    • Engine87a

      They kill men and eat them for breakfast.

    • A6768NAMVET

      They are transgenders!

      • wile coyote

        Now, that’s an insult to the transgender! Because they are trangender girls that look better than 90% of the genetic females on this planet!

  • twostory

    I could not afford the keep these “ladies”. The monthly Ben-Gay bill alone could break you, let alone all the media books and mags to keep their inner-beings quest for attention satisfied.

  • Brian Lock

    any one of the european ladies would be good for me

  • Takagi

    Love the sweaty Lolo!! :)

  • Takagi

    Miesha Tate over Rousey any day!!

  • AndromedaHit

    Title Fail – Any man who would leave a woman whom he has cultivated emotions for and worked through issues with for another woman based on looks deserves whatever negativity his life is dealt.

    • SportsGenius705

      And anyone who actually took this seriously is a complete nut job with issues of being a stick in the mud.

    • The Whole Nine Nards


    • rodermck

      That title was Tongue and Cheek!!.. to show how beautiful these women athletes are!!.. get a life.. You must be grossly insecure to post that!!..

  • NorthernWhiskey

    Aaron Charles, your girlfriend is now with me!

    Careful what you wish for!

    Your now ex is much better looking than any of the women you picked. Thank you!

    • Farva55

      That’s kind of weird. Poor Aaron Charles and his male stalker.

  • DC is Evil

    Alicia Sacramone is absolutely smoking hot.

    • Bill Murray

      She looks like she’s sixteen.

  • Screwtape

    Thanks but no thanks. Your title is bogus.

    • Hibernia86

      While I agree the title is in bad taste, I highly doubt that if a similar article had been published on a woman’s site called “handsome athletes you would leave your boyfriend for” that the backlash would have been so harsh. It is good that everyone is loyal to their girlfriends, but we shouldn’t act like when women write articles like this they are just joking but when men do they are serious.

      • Screwtape

        I dislike the generalizations made by the author.

        • Butch

          Yeah, me too.

        • Farva55

          So, why did you read it then?

          • thenicklemansbrother

            @Farva55. If Screwtape hadn’t read the article. Just how would he have determined that he didn’t like the generalizations made by th eauthor?

          • Farva55

            If he knew he wouldn’t like the article based on the title. He shouldn’t have read it. Pretty simple. Unfortunately, idiot trolls like him and others run the internet.

          • Ken Brison

            Maybe he read it like the car wreck it was…

      • Won Word

        You hypotheticals give me the strangest hard-on.

        Say, do you have a newsletter…?

        • SportsGenius705

          I’m a daily reader so yes they do!

    • FA_GUY

      I think the title is as great as it is true.

      • Farva55

        Screw tape is not a fan of woman, it’s okay.

    • http://www.laugh-eat.com/ mdelvecchio

      look up humor.

      • Screwtape

        Look up punctuality.

        • Pieareround

          So, you arrived on time. Look up punctuation.

        • Farva55

          Look up “tool.”

          • SportsGenius705

            I did! It gave me some weird definitions.

        • The Whole Nine Nards

          Look up “douche”

          • joe jones

            ok if you like fish.

    • Ro

      You should go in a corner and continue to cry, alone.

  • TheGunslinger

    Tempted by them, yes, leave my lovely wife? NO

  • Jerome Ayalon

    Lolo Jones SMOKES and is a virgin … for you, anything

    • Nick Bauer

      no shes not. she has a child lmao

      • Jerome Ayalon

        no way, Jose!

        from Wikipedia:

        “In a 2012 segment on HBO’s Real Sports, Jones revealed that she is a virgin, dates online, and struggles to maintain her virginity.[31] She said “If there’s virgins out there, I’m going to let them know, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life—harder than training for the Olympics, harder than graduating from college, has been to stay a virgin before marriage.”

        • Fox Hazel

          I wonder why someone would do that to themself – religion? Peer pressure? What a waste of your life, to never have enjoyed sex or orgasmed. Of course, I don’t know any details, such as is she counting touching herself in a sexual way at all (toys, masturbation). If so, I think that’s just pretty sad.

    • Lex

      she’s unattractive and being a virgin just means she’s less likely to be any good.

      • Jerome Ayalon

        “she’s unattractive”
        this is what so interesting about us humans – taste differ wildly! I find her very attractive, but as an athlete myself i’m strongly biased for women athletes, I freely admit.
        As to the virgin part, what man is above a little fantasizing about this virgin who will convert to a sex addict the moment he touches her :)

        • Lex

          fair enough and well said. i definitely find fit women attractive, just don’t like her face.

  • Loe

    List sucks. Shelly Ann Fraser is number 1. Also, how could you leave out Skylar Diggins, Ana Ivanovic, Aly Raisman and Jessica Ennis?

  • DC

    Such a bad taste title…

  • Guest

    I wouldn’t do either Williams sister, even with your junk.

    • Lisa Secord

      I’m sure neither of them would “do” you, either.

      • wile coyote

        That would probably be true considering 80% of ‘today’s’ women are gay and in the sports world, probably 90% of these loser females are gay. I’m sure you are too.

        • Farva55

          I’d bet you a lot of money (that you don’t have), that most of these woman are straighter than you.

          • wile coyote

            Oh please remove yourself from the vaginal vortex fella, it’s ugly. You’re probably just another one of societies feminist born little boys, raised by your mommy, who’s been brainwashed by society and women to think that a stupid female playing dirty sports is a good thing and they can somehow jump in the men’s ranks. Also, please don’t say they would out do me either, just because they can kick your sorry arse doesn’t mean they have a chance here! I live to kick female arse, in everything, I see ‘today’s’ women as either small competition, a nuisance, invisible or all of the above. Never a dating/wife prospect. and If this is what’s called “gay” then I’ll wear the label proudly. Unlike YOU who would shoot your own brother in the back for a piece of smelly kotex holder! Don’t blame me, women drew first blood, I’m just arriving for the fight! Maybe you should too, pansy pants.

          • Farva55

            I can see you and Mark Graham have alot in common.

        • Lisa Secord

          You seem pretty good at math.

          • wile coyote

            Don’t nit pick lesbian

    • Butch

      I don’t know, they are pretty hot. But then I really don’t look at them that way.

  • Albert Pike

    hey aron charles. you really have a taste for sh i t.
    those chicks have nothing going on thats interesting

  • k9d9r

    No Danica Patrick? I guess she doesn’t qualify as an athlete.

    • wile coyote

      She doesn’t qualify as a ‘WOMAN’!

      • Butch

        I’d rather date Doris Day

  • Ronnie Coleman

    they’re all 5-6′s… ugly as hell, with disgusting muscles that make me want to vomit. muscles on a girl is a huge turn off

    • justaguy

      you sir, are not the real Ronnie Coleman. I met that man when I was in the police academy in Arlington (years ago, before he had to choose between being an officer and pursuing his body building career) and you sir are no Ronnie Coleman!!!!

  • Peter Rafeiner

    Yeah, right. Because looks are everything of course.
    And never mind the attitude you will get.
    Seriously, you have horny teens write articles now ?

  • PD MacGuire

    What kind of an asshole would come up with a title like that?

    • Bear

      Did you read the rest of the article? Same mentality. So shallow.

    • Butch

      Yeah, I thought we were not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition.

    • SportsGenius705

      What kind of asshole actually took this seriously?!?!

    • joe jones


      • PD MacGuire

        If one wants to express their utter contempt for this kind of crap, they kinda have to click on it. Maybe you gays are ok with cheating and whoring around, because you have no moral centre, but men don’t do it.

    • Paulus Helios

      This is freaking humor dude. Chill out.

    • Willis

      A fortune teller! However, it wouldn’t take all 15 of these beauties to convince this guy.

  • sam tuluri

    Other than Caroline,Lindsay and Maria S others I can do without.And Maria Sharapova photo was that the best picture they could get of her.

  • Jason

    these are the best pictures you could find of these women?
    who approves this crap….?

  • Reaper

    Anna Kournikova and I’d drink her bath water.

    • Butch Fenton

      Mr. Nasty always seems to show up to be nasty.

  • Dumbocrats

    At first I seriously read that title as “15 female Atheists I would leave my wife for.”

    • Engine87a

      LOL! That will be the next stupid media article.

  • Master Reynolds

    I would pound Lolo’s snatch all night long after I ate that all day.

  • Jim Johnson

    Lindsey vonn is out of my choices. its no telling what tiger has given her.

  • Truth928

    ??? these chicks are mostly skanks..

    • Engine87a

      These chicks are not skanks, but the men here that actually think that these women would have anything to do with them or even look in their direction… are.

  • Sontay Arguero

    a nightmare article for women, who they would be left for. now for the options, surly lots men and i mean LOTS hand in hand with just a plain ole hog these are an upgrade but that’s it. sell the farm no way.

    • Engine87a

      One part of your comment is definitely true: Lots of men, LOTs… Hand in Hand.

  • soccersboring

    left out allison stokke…HOT

    • johnsmith9875

      She got fat

  • sumg33k

    Wow was this article serious or just trying to provoke a response? Suggesting you would leave a significant other you supposedly love for superficial reasons like this is beyond disgusting. Whoever wrote this is an immature douche.

    • http://www.laugh-eat.com/ mdelvecchio

      what do you expect from sports fans?

      even as a non-sports fan i recognize a tongue in cheek joke when i see one.

      • sumg33k

        OK maybe if you or I made that comment it would be for “humor”. I do not think the article was kidding about it. Not exactly a shocker though considering how shallow much of the culture is.

        • SportsGenius705

          I fail to understand how you take this so seriously.

        • The Whole Nine Nards

          So Sumg33k and mdelvecchio are allowed to joke about it but there is no possible way this author is. Makes sense

    • Farva55

      If it was trying to provoke a response, it did it’s job.

      • SportsGenius705

        Many dumb people.

  • krs1251

    You said, “I’m extremely unappealing to women…” Wow, I can totally believe that. Some of the women in the list are attractive, but not overly so. The rest… Man, if you think those skanks are hot, you must be butt f@#$ing ugly.

  • Mark Graham

    I wouldn’t leave my girlfriend to any of these women. Alex Morgan is the nicest, but my girlfriend is an actress who is a knockout both on the outside, but especially on the inside. And she is so much better looking and grounded than any of these women.

    • H8liberals

      She’s a man, baby!

      • Mark Graham

        Who’s a man?, baby!

    • captain america

      Quit sucking up, puss

      • Mark Graham

        What is your problem? Seriously!

        • captain america

          Oh my. Does your perfect girlfriend know this?

          • Mark Graham

            Know what? You’ve got some serious psychological issues. Where does the word ‘perfect’ appear in my post?

            I seriously doubt she even knows, nor cares, that you exist, behind your pseudonym who you do not emulate. So whether she knows you have serious psychological problems is even more dubious.

            Seriously! What is your problem?

            I wouldn’t leave her for anyone. What is so surreptitious about that?
            Or is it that you’ve never been loved and had a harmonious relationship with a woman? Is that it?

            Or are you just a misogynist? In any case you have a problem; is it jealousy?

          • captain america

            I can’t believe you took the time to type all this. What a little faggot you are. Admit it, you little manchick, you don’t have a girlfriend beyond your Daddy’s second hand blowup sex doll you found in the closet.

          • Mark Graham

            Are you mentally ill? Come on, admit it. You use the name Captain America and exhibition the antitheses of his values. How long have you been a Nazi. You do realize, they lost?

            You use words and don’t know what they mean. Did your mother not breast feed you? Did you father leave your family where you were six?

            Were you an abused child? There is help out there for you. You are not alone, you can get some help. Those feelings of suicide that you have everynight as you cry yourself to sleep don’t have to persist.

            There is help out there for you.

            You are not alone.

          • captain america

            HAHAHA I saw your FB page with your picture of you with your boyfriend and whip and your “like” for “What men want” and I realized that you have no girlfriend because you are obviously gay. In fact, you look like a gay man in your picture. Funny how fast you whipped out these links to help me. Did they work for you? HAHAHAH

          • Mark Graham

            Well, evidently you haven’t seen my fb page. There is no boyfriend. What are you talking about? Have the dreams of suicide become more intense for you lately? You really should take the advise.

            Also, you do not use the word ‘obvious’ correctly. Please deal with your homosexuality.

            I don’t need the links, you do. They will help you. What is interesting is how you project your homosexuality onto me.

            Captain America. Do you actually know who that is and what his values are? Because you are the anti-thesis of him.

            Captain America is honest, sincere, truthful, courageous. You exhibit not of these characteristics. Living in your mommy’s basement is clearly the best you can do as you fanaticize
            about living a life you will never achieve.

            Please deal with your homosexuality, rather than falsely accusing others. Time for me to see my girlfriend.

          • captain america

            I have to say thank you. You have made me laugh today

          • Mark Graham

            I am so happy for you. Now if you only knew how to spell. Remember, your mama’s basement is not a permanent living situation. A some day you might get the chance to kiss a girl; but you wlll have to pay for it.

          • captain america

            You sure can rant, you little bitch.

          • Mark Graham

            First you are not using the word ‘rant’ correctly. Secondly,
            I am not little and finally you don’t know the meaning of the word ‘bitch’, It does not even apply to my species.

            You are aware, there is an age limit to this site.

            Did you cry yourself to sleep last night. Another night
            completely alone, knowing you’ll never know the love of a woman or have a true friendship. Do you even have a job?

            It must be depressing for you to know that for you to feel
            the warmth of a woman, you must pay for it.

            Why don’t you exhibit some qualities of the real Captain
            America? Oh, that would take intelligence.

            Please now respond with some inarticulate and inane comment
            that again illustrates your ignorance.

          • Mark Graham

            Well, it looks like “Captain Ameican” finally decieded to shut up and get that HIV test.

          • captain america

            That should give you some time to learn how to spell and learn some new insults

          • Mark Graham

            As I have already informed you, your term does not apply to
            my species. As for the adjective, I am
            not little. Since you are in eighth
            grade, you are more likely small than I.

            Now, I thought you were suspended and overly valued technicalities
            rather than making and effective argument and earning a living.

            I suspect the next thing you will do is attempt to insult me
            and then accuse me of what you are yourself guilty.

            Have fun in prison.

          • Mark Graham

            FYI, you accusing me of insults is like the pot calling the kettle black. You originated the insults. And I can spell. You mistake a typographical error for a misspelling. Since you are only 13 years old, I understand how you do not have sufficient life’s experience to see the difference.

          • The Whole Nine Nards

            Funny you keep telling Captain America he is using words wrong and spelling words wrong when you’ve done both an abnormal amount of times. Abnormal for any real, normal adult.

          • Mark Graham

            The Whole Nine Yards, First I have not used one word incorrectly and second, you ignoramus, I haven’t written that Captain America has misspelled any word.

            Get your facts straight. Stay on topic. Do you know how to construct a logical argument? It doesn’t show, for an idiot like you. I do logical analysis for a living and am highly paid for it. Maybe it’s time you went back to high school to get your diploma or your GED.

            Is that your real photo or the photo of the last person you raped?

            Until you learn how to construct a valid argument, shut up. I dealt with a punk like you a while a go. Now he’s entering prison for the next three years.

            You want a piece of me, come on out. Until then, shut up!

            The topic of subject was that the women present are ones anyone would leave their girlfriend for. Untrue. Some of us have ethics, morals and decent values. You are not one. A decent man is one who fights against great odds, yet has time to treat a bird with a broken wing. A real man never smokes, never used profanity, and never uses intoxicants. A real man uses precise speech, without slang or a dialect. His grammar must be pure, not his typing skills. He must make proper use of ‘who’ and ‘whom’, ‘shall’ and ‘will’, ‘I’ and ‘me’. He never shoots to kill.

            It is clear; you are not a true or decent man. I don’t think you will ever make it. Email me back, if you ever do.

          • Farva55

            I have a few questions/statements to this.

            1) Have you ever named your unibrow?
            2) You contradicted your whole statement, with your whole statement.
            3) No hope for the human race should feature you on a daily basis.
            4) If you do “logical analysis” for a living, it’s no wonder this country is in the poophole.

            Lordy, where do you nut jobs come from? Go back in the corner of you dark room, put on “end of innocence”, and have yourself a good cry.

          • Mark Graham

            1) I don’t have a unibrow. And I don’t name parts of my body. Do you?

            2) Your statement makes no logical sense.

            3) English?

            4) Really stupid statement, since if I didn’t perfrom my profession it correctly I wouldn’t have a job.

            You are the nut job that is why God hates you. Deal with it and stop the personal attacks.
            Why don’t you ever deal with facts? Oh, you’re stupid.

            I’ll give you a problem to solve to prove me wrong.

            You have 35 race horses and one track. The track can only race 5 horses at a time. You need to find the 5 fastest race horses and you have no stopwatch or absolute method of timing the horses.

            How do you do it?

            I don’t want to hear from you, until you have the correct answer.

            The fact is that people like you never submit themselves to independent testing for validation. Like graduating high school; or getting a degree; or excelling in a job. Your statements are just assumptions – with no proof.

          • Farva55


            Thanks, Fred Phelps.

            1) I do name parts of my body. I call my arm, arm. I call my leg, leg. I call my finger, finger.

            2) Meh-

            3) It’s a facebook thing, that’s okay though- I could have been more clear.

            4) God hates me because not only do you know this as fact, YOU ARE GOD?!?!?! Right? According to most religions….eh- let’s not go down that road.

            The answer to your question is threeve. A combination of 3 and 5. I’m Ron Burgendy?

          • The Whole Nine Nards

            Uh….you didn’t even explain the problem correctly. I have heard the real puzzle.

            If I’m wrong, please prove me wrong and solve the problem.

          • The Whole Nine Nards

            First of all, here is the direct quote of you specifically saying Captain America misspelled words:

            “Now if you only knew how to spell.”

            And here are the many instances where you showed a clear misunderstanding of the English language.

            “I wouldn’t leave my girlfriend to any of these women” – ‘to’ should be ‘for’

            “You use the name Captain America and exhibition the antitheses of his values” – ‘exhibition’ should be ‘exhibit’

            “Did you father leave your family where you were six?” – “you should be “your and “where” should be “when”

            “You exhibit not of these characteristics.” “not” should be “none”

            “fanaticize” is spelled “fantasize”

            “Since you are in eighth grade, you are more likely small than I.” The last part of that sentence is atrocious and grammatically incorrect in many ways.

            You even said “logic” instead of “logical” in your response to me!

            Spare me this bullshit of typographical errors. Anyone with a brain wouldn’t make this many errors, and those are just the ones I noticed at first glance. If any real company is paying you based on your logical analysis I expect that company is going under soon and you should start looking for work elsewhere. I hear McDonalds is hiring.

            The picture is of Ed Helms, the actor. The fact that you don’t know that says a lot about you.

            You sit there and tell me to stay on topic, but what the hell was the point of the paragraph of being a real man? I point out that you’re calling the kettle black in your accusations of Captain America’s spelling and grammar, and you spew off at the mouth about healing birds and not shooting to kill. What is this, the late 18th century?

            I don’t need to tell you what I do for a living nor explain any of my “moral values” because I am secure with who I am. Bragging to strangers is the act of a truly insecure man with serious issues. Enjoy life in a metaphorical straight jacket.

          • Farva55

            Whole Nine Yards FTW!

          • Mark Graham

            The Whole Nine Yards, Those are all typographical errors. Stay on topic. Also I used “logical,” not “logic.” But both are acceptable.

            So you evidently are extremely ignorant.

            I will give you a problem to attempt to disprove what I stated:

            Let S = {s: s is not and element of S }

            Is S contained in S?

            Until you can answer the question, shut up!

            You are so stupid that you confuse typographical errors for grammar. You can have your $12.95 job. Enjoy poverty and ignorance.

          • The Whole Nine Nards

            Actually you didn’t use logical – “Do you know how to construct a logic argument?”

            “So you evidently are extremely ignorant” is also an incorrectly constructed sentence. Keep trying.

            You don’t even know what you’re typing half the time. I feel sorry for the company that employs you, if you’re even telling the truth which is highly doubtful.

          • Mark Graham

            First, look you ignoramus, I used the word ‘logical”. Check the post.
            Second, “So you evidently are extremely ignorant,” Is a correctly constructed sentence.

            Please give up. I notice you don’t answer anyone of my questions. Why?

            I have things to do on this lovely Saturday, you clearly don’t.

            Enjoy the rest of the day in your mother’s basement.

            You are also very judgmental. That must be my God hates you so much.

          • Farva55

            “I have things to do on this lovely Saturday, you clearly don’t.”

            This is why you continue to respond?

            “Enjoy the rest of the day in your mother’s basement.”

            He might have a VERY nice basement.

            “You are also very judgmental. That must be my God hates you so much.”

            And this isn’t judging, how???????????

            You’re not Ron Burgendy?

          • SportsGenius705

            Can you just accidentally drive over a mountain or something?

          • Mark Graham

            SportsGenius705, You are human filth. You’ve lived in dirt so long, you can’t understand anything else. And your jealous of something you can’t understand.

          • SportsGenius705

            LOL. It’s hilarious how personal you’ve taken some “internet comments.”

            I recommend checking out a psychiatrist. No one should be THIS angry over internet banter LOL.

          • Mark Graham

            “I recommend checking out a psychiatrist” — Why? Has it worked for you?

            “No one should be THIS angry over internet banter” – You called for my death. That is not funny.

            Now you have not done this, but two others have attempted to degrade me because I have a wonderful woman in my life and I am faithful to her.

          • SportsGenius705


            No one cares, bro.

          • Mark Graham

            I care and I never claimed I was a victim. Your statements do constitute a criminal act.

            It’s good you’re under that psychiatrists care.

          • SportsGenius705

            LOL- Whatever dude. Go cry in a corner.

          • Mark Graham

            I’m not crying. I’ll leave that to The Whole Nine Yards. That’s assuming he hasn’t blown his brains out by now.

          • SportsGenius705

            You’re a nutjob.

          • Mark Graham

            I’m a nut job? You wish that I drive my car over (or off) a mountain, whereas I have a lovely girlfriend who I am completely faithful too, and I’m a nut job? Really?

            You are under a psychiatrist care for mental illness, and I am a nut job? Right?

          • SportsGenius705

            Anyone that needs to proclaim to the world he has a gf as many times as you do, probably doesn’t have one.

            And yes, you are a nut job.

          • Mark Graham

            I only stated it once. Then people attacked me because I am faithful and I reiterated it.

            That’s not a nut job.

            A nut job is a freak like you who wishes people to kill themselves, who criticizes someone for being faithful and who is under the care of a psychiatrist like you.

          • The Whole Nine Nards

            Holy shit you are impossible. I quoted your exact words…you DID NOT use the word logical….do I need to quote the entire post for you to realize it? How old are you really?

            “So you evidently are extremely ignorant” is not a correctly constructed sentence. “Evidently, you are extremely ignorant” is the best way to say it. Separating “you” and “are” is INCORRECT GRAMMAR.

            Sometimes I feel like I have to use all-caps when I’m dealing with incompetence, which you’ve proven to be. Especially when you tell me I have nothing to do on Saturday when you’re so clearly busy, yet responding to every single one of my comments. Those “things” you have to do must include eating Cheetos (puffs style, of course) on your mom’s couch while contemplating your mundane existence. Actually never mind, because contemplating would be assuming you have a brain.

          • Mark Graham

            The Whole Nine Yards
            “Now if you only knew how to spell.” – does not cite any specific
            misspelled words, so again you don’t know how to reason. I didn’t state as you claim that he misspelled any specific words.


            “I wouldn’t leave my girlfriend to any of these women”
            - ‘to’ should be ‘for’

            That is a typographical error, not a mistake of grammar. To prove a grammatical error you must prove that the transcription between what I indented to write and what I typed was perfect, and you haven’t done that. Also, how do you know I’m not dictating these posts? Didn’t think of that one, did you?

            All of you complaints against me can be reduced to typographical
            errors. I am not a touch typist, nor do I care. You can do that for $12.95 /hour. You don’t even possess enough knowledge about grammar and syntax to get an elementary school job teaching English. And that pays about only $12,000 per year.

            I make more money in two months than you do in three years. So I really don’t care that your claim I incorrectly use grammar when all you can present is typographical mistakes.

            “You use the name Captain America and exhibition the
            antitheses of his values” – ‘exhibition’ should be ‘exhibit’ — Again same thing. Man, you are ignorant.

            You really spent some time going through my posts on a Saturday
            afternoon. You must really have no life. I was driving my car Saturday afternoon with the top down. It was about 80 degrees with blue sky above. I had a
            wonderful time. I then saw a movie and watched the Giants game. And you searched for grammatical errors and only found typographical errors. Pathetic.

            “You even said “logic” instead of “logical” in your response to me! — Wrong again. Check the post. But even if I did write “logic,’ logic is acceptable and the most you can claim is a typographical error. Pathetic.

            Your use of profanity proves my case. You only use profanity because you cannot prove your point and you wasted your afternoon, while I was driving my convertible.

            “the hell was the point of the paragraph of being a real man?” –
            You don’t stay on topic.

            “Bragging to strangers is the act of a truly insecure man” –
            This is exactly what you do.

            The issue is that I have a lovely woman in my life and I am
            faithful to her. That’s it. There is no criticism there.

            And then you attack my grammar, because your AIDS-infected
            lover, Captain America, who displays no qualities of the real Captain America, attacks me?

            What is your problem?
            Did your father cheat on your mother, prompting them to get a
            divorce? Well? That’s it, isn’t it?

            So when you encounter someone who is faithful, that threatens

            Were you an abused child?

            Do you lie awake at night with that revolver barrel pointed in
            you mouth, without the courage to pull the trigger, crying yourself to sleep?

            There is help out there for you.
            You are not alone.



            There are people out there who care for you. Just not me.

            As for the straight-jacket comment; good preemptive strike. You are so filled with neuroses and psychoses
            (the profanity is a dead give away) that you have to defend your lover, Captain America,
            by attacking such meaningless topics as typing ability in the guise of grammar; which clearly shows a detachment from reality.

            I have a wonderful woman in my life, and I am faithful to her. And you’re against that?

            And you’re argument is grammar?
            Wow. Now that’s sane – really sane.

            Look in the mirror.

            Also, “So you evidently are extremely ignorant” is a
            correctly constructed. Your claim is incorrect. Mine is correct grammar and yours is a variant. Are you out of elementary school, yet?

            You must be so lonely in your self-righteousness. You don’t even know that language is not so fixed as to disallow variant sentences. Pathetic.

            Oh, and yes, I did explain the problem correctly. Here it is again:

            S = { s: s is not an element of S }

            Now, is S contained in S?

            That is the problem I am giving you to test your ability to
            reason. If you want me to give you the answer and show all the steps:

            1) Desist in your ignorance
            2) Desist in your profanity
            3) Send me $100,000.

            I will then answer the question for you. I’ll give it to you again:

            S = { s: s is not an element of S }

            Now, is S contained in S?

            Now, I’ve given you the problem three times. And I’m still not a touch typist.

            Remember, those thoughts of suicide you have, are because you
            are inadequate.

            If you want to analyze some more grammar, here is a poem:

            Gaily bedight,
            A gallant knight,
            In sunshine and in shadow,
            Had journeyed long,
            Singing a song,
            In search of Eldorado.

            But he grew old-
            This knight so bold-
            And o’er his heart a shadow
            Fell as he found
            No spot of ground
            That looked like Eldorado.

            And, as his strength
            Failed him at length,
            He met a pilgrim shadow-
            “Shadow,” said he,
            “Where can it be-
            This land of Eldorado?”

            “Over the Mountains
            Of the Moon,
            Down the Valley of the Shadow,
            Ride, boldly ride,”
            The shade replied-
            “If you seek for Eldorado!”

          • The Whole Nine Nards

            You just responded with a 917 word comment, which means

            A) you have no life
            B) you have no job because it’s Monday
            C) you have serious issues.

            Guess that straight jacket is a little tight today. Oh, and what exactly have I bragged about? You claim I’ve bragged so please, enlighten me as to what that is?

          • Mark Graham

            “No one has ever been jealous of you in the history of your mundane existence. You don’t have a woman, you have no life and a shit job. The sooner you admit that the sooner you can begin your road to a normal life. First step: not looking like a pedophile.”

            You are a liar.
            You are filth.
            You are a loser.
            You are stupid.

            You are jealous of me, because you keep on attacking me. You don’t know how to reason. You parents are divorced.

            Yes, I don’t have a woman. I have a woman in my life. She is not my possession.

            I have a wonderful life. Come and visit me in my million dollar home. You can bring out the trash, which includes you.

            Your use of profanity shows you are wrong, fruit cake.

            “not looking like a pedophile” — 19th Century stupidity.

            Why don’t you stop acting like a pedophile?

            Is that revolver in your mouth tonight?

            Answer the question I posed, or desist!

          • Mark Graham

            I have a wonderful life with a wonderful woman whom I am completely faithful.

            I have a job, because I entered my response before work began, you ignoramus.

            Yes, I do take on serious issues, like the poor and the marginalized and helping women out of abusive relationships with worthless pieces of filth, like you.

            You are a fruit cake and sooooooooooo jealous of me. How’s your lover, Captain America? You made it thought another night of that revolver in your mouth and crying yourself to sleep. Congratulations!

            You are a scum bag.

          • The Whole Nine Nards

            No one has ever been jealous of you in the history of your mundane existence. You don’t have a woman, you have no life and a shit job. The sooner you admit that the sooner you can begin your road to a normal life. First step: not looking like a pedophile.

          • Farva55

            I’ll answer this 9 yards:

            The answer is threeve. A combination of 3 and 5. You’re Ron Burgendy?

          • Mark Graham

            Farva55, You didn’t answer the question, because you don’t know the answer. Which shows you can’t reason.

            You name you body parts? That’s mentally ill.

            “I have things to do on this lovely Saturday, you clearly don’t. “This is why you continue to respond? — I left for the rest of the day to drive my convertible, see a movie and watch the Giants. So you are wrong again.

            “And this isn’t judging, how???????????” — No it isn’t. You need to lean the meaning of the word judge and how to perform a logical conclusion, which is why I gave you the problem.

            When Jesus states “Judge not,” the word translated to “judge” is krinete, not krino as some sources claim. Krino is the infinitive form of the verb. Krinete is the second person plural imperative present active referring to a long term commitment, continual way of life. It is a command, not a suggestion. Since it is active it refers to the subject as the one who performs the action.

            “You’re not Ron Burgendy?” – Yes, I am not Ron Burgundy.

          • Bird Healer

            I, sir, am a real man. I have healed 4 birds in my career. And I smoke. Email, sent. Let’s talk

          • Mark Graham


          • captain america

            BTW, you look like a gay, unibrowed ewok with a shaved face.

          • Mark Graham

            You don’t even know what I look like and you have this obsession with your homosexuality. Have you been tested lately?

          • captain america

            No. It’s definitely you. https://www.facebook.com/megraham?fref=browse_search and it looks like your spelling could use some work also. And yes, you are a gay little ranting unibrowed bitch.

    • Farva55

      I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t even have the opportunity, just as no one here- including myself.

      • Mark Graham

        Probably, but that wasn’t the point.

  • Fern Assard

    Nice to see not all men think with their little heads. Articles like this give men a bad rap :(

    • Farva55

      Says the guy with a bikini clad chick as his picture?

  • Mark S

    Although some here are no question hot, this writer obviously has a ugly girlfriend…..

  • Morgan

    The title was a bad choice. Should have gone with, “Some incredible female athletes”.

    That would have been sufficient to catch the eye of most people, male and female alike. There ARE men who are faithful GASP! Bet the writer didn’t know that. Maybe Aaron Charles has a roving eye and a total lack of loyalty but he does NOT speak for all men. At least he shouldn’t speak for all men.

    • SportsGenius705

      I’m pretty sure he’s not speaking for “all men”, little boy.

  • Dart Vade

    LoLo Jones is ugly and on top of that a virgin. Why would I leave my aweesoem girlfriend who is a freak in the bed for some uptight prude who has no idead ho to use it or work it?

    • Dak Broadbent

      Yeah! Why date clean virgin when you can have a diseased cum dumpster?

  • Dart Vade

    Ugh Ali is another pig, this list sucks so far

  • Dart Vade

    hope Solo is also ugly and crazy, like stalker girlfriend crazy

  • Jay

    Why not just have both?

  • jay


  • RogerHarries

    WTF none of them are attractive enough to leave an existing relationship. What a loser

  • eroteme1

    I cannot think of anything less attractive than female athletes with their bulging muscles. Of course if they have money it might be something else to consider.

  • Engine87a

    Ahhh… Nope. I guess whoever agrees with this title is a douche. My name is not Tiger Woods.

  • Toodle68

    Maria Sharapova? No way..

    • The Whole Nine Nards

      - said no one ever

  • Godrifle

    What a shitty article.

  • CincyRick

    Alicia Sacramone is soooo hot. I never missed the Olympic gymnastic events if she was competing. So nice to see a gymnast that actually looks like a woman, instead of a 13 year old.

  • ThatGuyYouKnow

    you guys know your saying this because your girlfriends are watching …..however I might be sleeping on the couch tonight ;(

    • SportsGenius705

      We’ve all been there.

  • Darryl Edington

    If you would leave your girlfriend because you saw someone prettier, your girlfriend is with a jerk and would be better off without you.

    • The Whole Nine Nards

      LOL you already posted this comment. Who’s the slow one?

  • Darryl Edington

    If you would leave your girlfriend because you saw someone prettier,
    your girlfriend is with a jerk and would be better off without you.

    • SportsGenius705

      Thanks Dr. Phil! My girlfriend knows I love this site and yet- we love each other all the same!

      Let me guess, if you caught your lady looking at pictures of a shirtless vin diesel, you would fly into a jealous, murderous rage right?

      • Darryl Edington

        My comment was on the title of the article. Did you write the article? No. Therefore, my comment wasn’t to you, was it? My comment was to those who would leave their girlfriend because they saw someone better looking. If you are not one of those a-holes then my comment did not apply to you, and you shouldn’t have taken offense. You must have thought you were one of those guys…. hmmmmm….

        • SportsGenius705

          GOOOOOOD comeback! Question? Why do you resemble a gay mailman?

          • Farva55

            I must admit, I laughed hysterically upon reading this.

          • Guest

            For the same reason you resemble a 13 year old Asian hooker.

          • SportsGenius705

            Except for the fact I have no picture. Totally makes sense though.

          • Darryl Edington

            You have no picture and don’t use your name out of fear. I don’t fear. We have concealed carry here in Oregon.

          • Darryl Edington

            Well, I’m not gay, and never delivered any mail, but I did make a few “special deliveries” at your mom’s house. I used the back door. She liked it, but said you are better.

          • SportsGenius705

            For some “woman protector” that isn’t very respectful. Granted, I shouldn’t be surprised you’re into anal sex since that’s the only way you could do it with “dirty mike and the boys.”

          • Darryl Edington

            I was very respectful to your mother, heck it was her idea.. I didn’t want to disappoint her, and wow, she was very respectful of me, if you know what I mean… smile bro… dats funny.

    • The Whole Nine Nards

      You clicked the article…what does that say about you?

      • Darryl Edington

        It says, I wanted to leave a comment. In order to leave a comment, you have to click on the article. You’re a little slow, aren’t you?

        • Farva55

          When you’re balls drop, please let us all know.

          • Darryl Edington

            When my balls drop, you will be the first to know, because they will be on your chin. Kaboom! Keep poking the bear, fool.

          • SportsGenius705

            Why would a non-gay man put his balls on someone’s chin? That’s what I thought.

            Did you just refer to yourself as a bear?

          • Darryl Edington

            My bad, I thought you were a woman by the way you write. Kablam! Oh, and if you’re a “genius”, I am a bear. Kabalmo! This is getting fun…. by the way “genius”… why don’t you tell us what makes you a “sports genius”. Give it a shot. Oh, never mind… no one cares.

          • Alex

            …kaboom? cool story bro.

        • The Whole Nine Nards

          Was it cool playing Mr. Feeny on Boy Meets World?

        • Farva55

          Sweet ‘stache bro. Tell us, what was it like to be Jerry Sandusky’s lookout?

          • Darryl Edington

            My lady loves my mustache. Yours would too. Did she finally leave you?

          • SportsGenius705

            Your lady must be into pedophiles.

          • Darryl Edington

            What was it like being one of his victims?

        • Willis

          The title says you get 15 athletes in exchange for 1 girlfriend… Who’s slow?

          • Darryl Edington

            Well, if you get all 15 in exchange for your one girlfriend… that’s a different story. Just kidding. No, really. Besides, What would you do with 15 women of your own? Watch them satisfy each other? I am now a little persuaded.. :-) Gotta go… my baby’s callin’…

    • Darryl Edington

      All of those who have taken offense with my comment about this lamely titled article must think I am talking about them. I wonder why that is…

  • Kiki K

    My boyfriend made out with that chick Alana and told me she has really bad breath. if he wanted to actually date her….he would be dating her. But he’s not, he’s dating me.

    • Farva55

      Everyone believes that. Totally.

  • kcsparky

    Hey!!!!! Where’s Michelle Jenneke????? Foul!!

  • ambush101

    Men who leave women for other women are not people. They are best suited for food, kindling and building material.

  • ambush101

    Why did they show15 pics of the same person? I hate it when they do that!

  • Greenman Wood


  • Dak Broadbent

    And just like that Aaron Charles was single.

  • Guest

    Hope Solo are you fucking kidding me? Lindsey Vonn? All these women (with the possible exception of Liala Ali ) are gold digging psychopathic trophy wives and Liala Ali could literally beat the snot out of you.

    • http://www.facebook.com/hitsingle Nik

      haha I’d be afraid of Liala Ali; can you picture being in bed with her? You’d be on the bottom of course and looking up and her dad’s face, all intense. You’d feel like George Foreman getting pounded lol

  • A6768NAMVET

    Wouldn’t touch her now after she’s been mudsharking with Tigger!!

    • wile coyote

      Use your shotgun on yourself.

  • Stan H

    Good list, but heavy on the blonds. No Serena, no Allison Stokke, no Marion Jones, no Monica Hargrove, no Amy Acuff or Ana Ivanovic?

  • jason grenier

    They need to rethink these women. Especially Hope Solo. She is banana cream pie.

  • Marie

    Disgusting. A truly disgusting display of objectifying strong women while simultaneously attacking the sanctity of committed relationships.

    • Lisa Secord


      • SportsGenius705

        Comment above applies to you as well.

    • Bryan Collins

      Wahhhhh cry me a river

    • SportsGenius705

      Yeah, because woman never objectify, go to male strip clubs, or look at pictures of shirtless men. Go back to bible school, Hilary.

    • The Whole Nine Nards

      You furthered that disgusting display and attack by clicking the link.

  • Bobba_Fett

    Meh. Of course my girl might not be at athletically tip top as any of these women, but at the end of the day, my girl loves me, I love her, and the sex is incredible. Throbbingly incredible.

    • The Whole Nine Nards

      Pretty sure plastic dolls don’t count, guy.

      • Bobba_Fett

        Pretty sure the computer in your moms basement is hacked

  • Sean

    the fact that Jennie Finch isn’t on this list makes this list invalid!

    • Farva55

      She is smokin’

  • Cecil Lee Russell

    I agree, the title is bogus. I would never date Lindsey Vonn. She is contaminated for life.

  • John

    There was a few but for the most part you missed the mark. Hope Solo is a skank, completely unattractive (she looks like an elk hound) as is Ali and Mitchell. Yeah, I know if you didn’t add a few black women the race baiters would be screaming foul. But there are very few attractive black women anyway. Why do you think it’s all the rage for black males that have made money go out and get a white g/f? Upgrading!1


      Such an ignorant statement!

  • Sherri

    The title of this article assumes the men reading it are “hot” enough themselves to get one of these athletic ladies,right? If you would break off a relationship with your girlfriend (assuming that she is at least a decent woman) based on a better looking “hot chick” coming along that you do not peresonally even know,you probably should let the woman you are with go anyway, so she can find someone who values other people based on more than temporary good looks.

  • Michael Collins

    no Danica? lol

  • johnsmith9875

    All I want is a girlfriend that is under 175 pounds.

    • SportsGenius705

      Careful, someone above might steal her away as he likes the plumpness.

  • HJW

    I don’t think so…besides, I’ve been married longer than most of them have been alive. Really crappy title, must agree with the others.

    Now, I’m going to piss off some here…but, as for Hope Solo, it should be changed to “GREATEST WOMANS GOALKEEPER” Writing it as it was written puts her in the category with men and that just ain’t happening…then, now or in the future. Look, I’m not a sexist by any means but mens and womens soccer can’t be compared. Take eleven of the best women at their respective position and put them against eleven of the best men at their positions and the women would be lucky to score even once.

    Sorry about that…just had to explain the way I see it.

  • NewMexico720

    Al Sharpton is a good looking woman.

    • http://www.facebook.com/hitsingle Nik

      hahaha best line of the bunch

  • Ron Garrett

    What about SkylerDiggins?

  • Sanderson Kramer

    Dude you must be Gay. Most of them have no breasts, I’d never leave my hot girlfriend for any of that crap!

    • SportsGenius705

      Gap tooth sloths don’t count as hot, bro.

  • Randy Gingery

    HAHAHA…No way this article is true. my wife has a look that makes me excited none of the woman do. this was a big waste of my time.

    • SportsGenius705

      So, why’d you click AND comment?

  • Dr E

    Whatever! Just because most of these women are blonde and skinny does NOT make them the standard of beauty; and Sharapova looks like a blonde Marilyn Manson(at least she does here). You people are going to have to dig a little deeper for beautiful female athletes.

  • Thomas Morley

    they forgot Kara Goucher…

  • TopBreedENT

    Where’s Skylar Diggins???

  • J MC

    Leave my girlfriend for one of these?.. said no one ever.

    • SportsGenius705

      Leave your gf for one of these? I’m totally sure you have the opportunity.

  • Joyce

    Why most of these women aren’t on the SI swimsuit edition?!

  • PC Wado

    The author of this article is clearly a douche bag! He assumes all men are as fickle and senseless as he to throw away a loving, committed relationship for an athletic body/face he doesn’t even know. I hope his woman (if he has one) dumps him. She deserves better; someone who will value her for who she is, not because she is or isn’t an athlete. This article is a disgrace to men with class, intellect, depth and standards.

    • Fox Hazel

      Maybe you could reevaluate the use of the word douchebag if you really care about women. I cringe whenever I see someone sticking up for women, but using degrading language such as douchebag without a thought to how it comes across. Using the name of a woman’s “hygiene” product (a product that in and of itself is an insult to women) as an insult is childish and both men and women would do well to stop using it as a putdown.

    • SportsGenius705

      I feel sorry for you. Clearly, no fun in your life.

  • survon1

    these women wish they could replace my wife, hahhahah

  • Bear

    Horrible title.

  • someone45

    I hope your girlfriend reads this article and dumps you.

    • Farva55

      Most people around you hope you accidentally drop a toaster in your tub while you’re in it.

      • someone45

        Actually that is most people around you… I think you are confused.

  • Bill Jones

    and this replaces Chris Chase…..sigh……

  • jimmy tailpipe

    what about danica. shes as hot as anybody on ur list

  • Going_green

    None of these women are the busty curvy type I like. Dated women like this and they aren’t that great in bed either.

    • SportsGenius705

      Dumpster diving? Yeah, I’ll pass on the fat chick.

      • Going_green

        Sofia Vergara now that’s a woman

        • SportsGenius705

          Sure bro.


    Pretty poor list.

    A few of these girls are dogs, even, and my wife is as well put together as any of them. She looks sensational in a bikini!

  • glacia

    I actually expected there would be one or two that would come close as far as looks but was surprised that I didn’t find any of them that tempting. Maybe it’s that my wife (not gf) of 21 years hits the gym every day and looks to be in better shape than most of them. But even the ones that don’t look a little flabby (sorry basketball players, goalkeepers & tennis players) just present themselves poorly. And to be honest looks will only take you so far in a relationship… you do have to talk to the other person and I get the impression conversations with most of these women wouldn’t be very…. stimulating.

  • Baachus

    Sorry, but I would never leave my girlfriend for anyone. She’s hotter than any of these women, and she sleeps in my bed!

    • SportsGenius705

      I totally agree!- says no one ever.

  • d.m.

    Lolo? Nolo.

    I’d like somebody with a little experience, thanks!

  • Harry_Wild

    Some of the ladies are pretty hot but some of the ladies pictured are down right “dogs”.

  • Anton Dubinski

    Gee, they’re mostly all white and blonde. I sense a pattern here.

  • TwistedAndSouless

    No Michelle Jenneke? I declare this list invalid….

  • Lisa Secord

    Wow. Are you processing what you just read? Strong, disciplined, successful women being judged, ranked, and valued for their level of beauty. There are no mentions of their names, or a peek inside their hearts or minds; just a brief accomplishment and a lame quip about their physical appearance. Think of this article every time you wonder why a feminist “has her panties in a bunch”.

    • http://www.facebook.com/hitsingle Nik

      The media goes both ways though Lisa; successful men are very often reduced to baby machines, cash machines and empty idols.

      Physical appearance is important in this world, but self respect is more important and i think that’s largely what people respond to. Half these women were born beautiful, but many of them are specimens of self worth rather than natural beauties. It shows how you don’t need to be an empty pin up model to attract the opposite gender.

      I do feel that outward appearance is the public reflection of inner self respect; an unkempt guy doesn’t respect his body. Same thing applies to a woman. It’s not about how perfect you face was coming out of mom, it’s about how much you value what you have and people react to what you project.

      So really, it’s mindless to judge people on a list by looks, but this blog is run to get eyes and idiocracy gets eyes in 2013. It got yours and it got mine, so it did it’s job. The male gender didn’t put this list together or even think of it.

      • SportsGenius705

        I fail to understand why it’s wrong for men OR woman to look at pictures of the other sex and think “hey, they’re attractive.”

        There’s nothing wrong with this site or any others having some fun. I come for the sports and when I stumble on one of these articles, I come right to the comments because you know there’s going to be many idiots who take themselves and life VERY seriously.

      • Lisa Secord

        I’ve been thinking about your words a lot this week, especially “I do feel that outward appearance is the public reflection of inner self respect”. Thank you for taking the time to share & respond.

        • http://www.facebook.com/hitsingle Nik

          My pleasure Lisa. :)

    • CallousOneToo

      Women are judged for their looks and men are judge for their money, it’s called objectification and it’s been going on since the dawn of human existence and there’s no end in sight. Deal with it.

      • Lisa Secord

        Hm. Not me. The value of a man’s character exceeds that of his wallet, and a woman’s nature over her appearance.

    • SportsGenius705

      Play in traffic.

      • Lisa Secord

        Use a tissue.

        • SportsGenius705

          For what? I only prefer swallowers.

          • Lisa Secord

            Doesn’t that get expensive?

  • http://www.facebook.com/hitsingle Nik

    After #8 you’re really reaching lol They’re all attractive women, but…

  • Peeping Tom

    There are only a few I would consider dating even though I’m single

    • CallousOneToo

      With a haircut like that I’m sure you don’t have to worry about any of them trying to knock your front door down.

      • Duncan Webb

        Wow dude, you had me crying, I was laughing so hard!

  • Sean Eklund

    Only one’s on that list that I agree with are 1,2,3,5,6, and 15. As far as the rest go, I couldn’t care less.

  • Bill Murray


  • Pat McNees

    No McKayla Marone? Bogus article.

  • Jim Shaw

    Hope Solo is a mutt

  • mattlove1

    The writer meant to say “15 female athletes my girlfriend would leave me for”

  • wile coyote

    Are they serious?? Over half of these people don’t know whether they should squat or stand to pee! Why does society try to make today’s women out to be some kind of gem when in reality they’re thorns and vinegar?

  • Ken

    The Russian women win !

  • universe ridder

    #10 for me.

  • Tom

    To quote a Zack Wilde, “why would I settle for a 50 cent hamburger when I have Filet Mignon at home???”

  • CallousOneToo

    Sure… I would leave my girlfriend for most of them but the real question is would any of them want to be with me or any other average guy? I’m quite certain the answer is an astounding NO!

  • Mark T Davis

    This list must have been put together by a woman. A few lookers, but for the most part so so.

  • http://lnsmitheeblog.blogspot.com LN_Smithee

    This list is incomplete without Romanian gymnast Catalina Ponor. And while I think she’s gorgeous, I would never leave my girlfriend for Hope Solo. Any woman who would marry Jerramy Stevens knowing his criminal record is out of her mind. There’s no level of aesthetic beauty that makes being tethered to a crazy woman worth it.

  • L Karamazov

    The only reason they even made this list was to insult Serena by not putting her on it.

  • popsputter

    You conspicuously left out Michele Jenneke, the Australian hurdler. Big mistake, big big mistake.

  • Tom Weiland

    My wife wouldn’t like it if I had a girlfriend, although she probably wouldn’t care if I went out with any of these girls, as long as I did anything right, not wrong like I usually do.

  • Teamski

    Sure, I would leave my wife to be with a self-absorbed athlete. No thanks!

  • Butch

    I don’t care about the girl. Give me the car.

  • obakasux

    hope solo is gross and manly


    So Skylar Diggins isnt on this list?????? BOGUS!!!!!

  • PhlimPhlam

    I agree completely. Anyone that says otherwise is gay.


  • thatguy

    Jokes on you! I’ve never had a girlfriend!

  • SteveInTx

    Hell, I’d leave my wife for some super-skinny Chinese swimmer. Or a super-fat one, I don’t care. Just take my wife – please!

  • Michael Richman

    Why was something so stupid and childish featured on CNN.com?

    • SportsGenius705

      Because, it’s fun and should make you laugh?

  • Won Word

    “Now a girlfriend is one thing, but as a happily married man, nobody could tear me away from my wife. [snip] But I will admit, if any of the ladies on this list showed any interest in me, having to say no would haunt me for the rest of my life.”

    You will die alone in an alley, still clutching a shopping cart filled with empty beer cans.

  • Court Graham

    Hope Solo, meh…damn, that corvette was sweet.

  • johnp234

    I count 4.

  • bjcain3870

    LOL, I wouldn’t leave my woman for none of these skinny no body having…women

  • bjcain3870

    And then the author put those wack pics on the article.
    At least show us what their working with then let us judge.
    But just face pics and top body shots doesn’t do it for me.

  • Hugh Jaynus

    You know the author of this piece is a loser.

    • Farva55

      You’re name is Hugh. Moving on.

  • Pieareround

    Someone give those anorexics a sandwich.

    • SportsGenius705

      Someone give you (a likely fat guy) a salad.

  • AJ’s Booty Warrior

    As long as Lolo Jones is on the list it’s legit.

  • SportsGenius705

    i find it hysterical all the idiots in here are ACTUALLY TAKING THIS ARTICLE SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!?!

    As if 99.99999% of the male population has the opportunity to leave their “significant other” for any of these fine looking ladies? Take the stick out of your behind for goodness sakes, its called a fun hypothetical article that isn’t realistic.

    Thanks for the laugh rant! Granted, I like your sports content more!

    • WCWPunk

      Yes! Totally agree with you You should see one guy on here, John Pain ranting about how he won’t leave his gf for one of these hot babes. You’re right, people on here need to chill and relax. It’s not that serious lmao! >.<

  • joe jones

    no..i will stay… dont need an idiot with an attitude and a skin and bones body..

  • nedmorlef

    anybody that dumps anybody for another person is a born loser and getting ready to lose some more. The person you just sacrificed your mate for knows you’re a backstabbing cheater no matter how they smile in your eyes.

  • Barancy Peloma

    becky hammon? nice picture there- she is turning away!

  • Barancy Peloma

    some of these women are very nice but some like sharapova, are not that great- just bony.

  • walter

    Oh, you can only wish! My GF runs marathons, cycles 100 in one day, swims the islands of the Adriatic and plays tennis and golf with the best of them. Plus, she is a doctor and makes a dump load of money.

  • Craig James

    What an absurd piece of tripe. If you actually a girlfriend, I hope she has the sense to dump such a dipshiot like you. A 12 year old adolescent title doesn’t make a news story.

  • Mike D

    What!! no Skylar Diggins, who made this list?

  • crazy_b

    Maybe Caroline Wozniacki but she’d have to swallow, too.

  • Terry Vanderpuke

    Great money makers for my porn films

  • billball

    Majority of these pictures are terrible

  • Duke Justice

    Okay, I see fourteen cute girls and one that looks like RuPaul.

    Laila Ali? No way am I leaving my girlfriend for THAT.

  • Connie Lambert

    If my boyfriend leaves me for these girls, they can have him. Not that he would.

  • sheep1451

    Ronda Rousey is only attractive when she has no expression on her face and her hair is covering half of it. If you want an MMA girl, why not Miesha Tate…?

  • kneesus

    Yeah, I’d like to credit myself with being with somebody who is not only attractive but does something more intelligent than playing children’s games for a living.

  • ChiefSteve Grant

    Any dude can get a ho unless she’s a lesbian

  • Bananaville

    Rousey seems to be a very unstable and a real bitch, at least from the last episode of the Ulitmate Fighter. Plus, the other coach, Meisha Tate, is HOT!

  • Guest

    for these hot young girls, I’ll leave my wife. ; )

    • Bob

      All of them or just one of them?

  • Paulus Helios

    People who go ape sh*t over this short funny. Just chill the fuck out. This website is for humors and jokes. IF you want serious article go read Wall Street Journal.

  • sam12six

    The title is bad not because no one would ever consider leaving his girlfriend, but because with a couple of your choices, the average guy probably wouldn’t leave a party with.

  • Michael Hurst

    How could you list Becky Hammon, and miss Penny Taylor?

  • Smokeshow this

    I guess you haven’t seen me then you moron!!!! Such an idiotic thing to say when at times the girl friend is actually way hotter than your smoke show on any given day and makes your pictures of “guess that ass” actually gross in comparison. I should post a picture of myself and embarrass your article on the entire internet. I am too private though. Thankfully, my boyfriend sees the insanity behind your articles and is constantly reminded that he is grateful for me being hotter and even having a caring heart, brains, and personality that are far more important than this meaningless article.

  • jrwlsju

    I’m just waiting for Lolo Jones to come out.

  • Romeo

    Alex Morgan, Alicia Sacramone and Caroline Woczniaki

  • Adrian-Cluj

    Are you kidding me? You put only Caucasian women on your list. Give me a break, bro. Either you’re a racist or you didn’t put much effort into making this list.

    • Diraphe

      Having a “type” is racist?

  • GorillaNation

    Ana Ivanovic should be #1

  • Nichole Franco

    If I had a girlfreind I definitely wouldn’t leave them for these plain Janes.

  • laboxter407

    Eww dude most of these chicks are foul looking. A few lookers, but surely it wouldn’t be difficult to compile a list of 15 hot female athletes?

  • Bob

    Hope Solo is a nut case.. yuck….

  • Steve

    I’d be afraid Ronda Rousey would get me in an arm bar if I didn’t please her

  • annajrc

    It’s unfortunate you have to jump hoops (lol) to get a hot girlfriend. If you were such a badass, they would be all over you immediately, wouldn’t they?

  • 54StarryNights

    That makes you pretty shallow. Even if you had a chance at being with one of these women (which is unlikely), you might end up regretting the attempt if your girlfriend leaves you because of it. Of course, if you are only with your current girlfriend for her looks and do not value her for other more valuable reasons and don’t care how this might hurt her then maybe it doesn’t matter as far as you are concerned. If she genuinely cares for you, it might matter to her though.

    • bob

      reading your post made my head ache

      • 54StarryNights

        I just re-read it and it made my head ache too. Oh well.

  • bob

    i’ll keep my beautiful, sweet, hardworking, honest, smart, hot, sexy, god fearing girlfriend

  • bob mcbobberson

    like 12 generic blondes on this list

  • intruth23

    Only one African American Athlete? Really?

    • Lifelike

      What? There are three on the list.

  • refriedbean

    I just want your girlfriends number.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rob-Smith/100003905738252 Rob Smith

    They are all ugly; botox on lips, butt and boob implants, tooth picks, no curves …no way I’m leaving my GF for these flat ass peckerwoods

    • WCWPunk

      Slow your ride Ironhide. No ones telling you to leave your gf, lol

  • mb

    WTF? Half these women are gay (ps: nothing wrong with that), dating Tiger Woods (GROSS!), or just not that hot. Many of them are also unsufferable divas!

  • screwtape

    I like caroline maria and alan I want to have sex with them

  • The guy in knickers

    all hot… they are all hot.

  • Ganesh_India

    Speak for yourself Aaron. I would’nt leave my girlfriend for anyone in the world.

    • Dotcoman

      She was standing right behind you when you wrote that, huh?

  • Dano

    If all it takes are looks and athleticism to leave a current girlfriend, then shallowness and callowness abound.

  • Duncan Webb

    Laila Ali, Caroline Wozniacki, and Ronda Rousey…DEFINITELY! The rest…meh.

  • Fotogrrl

    Let’s face it, unattainable people hold a special attraction for many of us out here. This is harmless fantasy, and that’s all. Have at it boys. **giggles**

  • Oh Adams

    Why is skylark Diggins on this list. She is quite ordinary looking

  • Pendy1

    Where is Blanca Vlasic?

  • Will

    No Michelle Jenneke? Are you kidding me?

  • valdanos

    And no Serbian tennis star, ex #1 – Ana Ivanovich? I guess she’s in a league of her own!

    p.s. a Serb just can’t get a break at CNN…ever…a “broken knee” – perhaps!!!

  • Bill North

    i cannot tell you how much I dislike the title of this article.

  • Joe