Boca Juniors: Two Fans Killed In Shootout Highlights a Shocking Trend

By Phil Naegely
Soccer Stadium
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

In Argentina, gang violence at sporting events has become a growing epidemic. On Sunday, it unfortunately continued before the Boca Juniors-San Lorenzo preseason match and now two Boca Juniors fans are dead.

The shootout broke out in front of Junior’s rival San Lorenzo stadium. According to witnesses, about 100 rounds were fired between the gangs.

Due to the incident, San Lorenzo club president Matias Lammens rightfully called off the match. Argentine Football Association (ASA) has recognized the growing issue and noted that gang violence is beyond the sporting events and is a large problem their society is facing.

In the first place, it is sad rival gang fight. Secondly, it is even worse that they have these fights in crowded places like soccer stadiums. It is unacceptable that these gangs want to affect the lives of innocent people who are trying to enjoy themselves at a soccer game.

Just like in Brazil, where violence between a referee, players and a fan resulted in a referee-beheading, violence outside sporting events need to stop.

I’m glad the ASA has recognized that there is a growing problem, but what are they doing to combat and dispel the problem? Some questions I have relate to whether or not they have increased security outside stadiums. Secondly, have they thought about having armed undercover security officials? They could focus on looking out for rival gangs and then calling in backup before a gun fight starts.

However, on Sunday, the Boca Juniors are mourning the loss of two fans. I love watching soccer games, and I am saddened by this news. My thoughts and prayers are with the Boca Juniors, their fans and to the families who lost loved ones.

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