Florida Gators LB Antonio Morrison Arrested for Barking at Police Dog

By Jack Jorgensen
Kim Klement – USA TODAY Sports

Florida Gators head coach Will Muschamp leads his football team with a type of ferocity and aggressiveness that you look for in someone who possesses one of the top defenses in the country. You can certainly see on the field that the players on his defensive unit follow his lead and are as tenacious as any team in the country.

Although, some maybe don’t know how to dial that down once they leave the field, and that’s exactly what happened early this morning with Gators LB Antonio Morrison.

In what unfortunately has been his second arrest in five weeks, Morrison was arrested early this morning for barking at a police canine in Gainesville, Fla. Yes, he barked at a police dog, who also happened to be named ‘Bear.’ When you bark at a police dog named Bear, bad things are going to happen. Oh, and if we want to make this better, if that was even possible, when Morrison was asked by the officer why he felt the need to turn himself into a dog whisperer, his excuse was that the dog barked at him first.

Forget the fact of barking at a law enforcement K-9, handcuffs should have been placed on him for sheer stupidity alone.

Basically, an Alachua County Sheriff’s officer was investigating a disturbance at around 3:43 a.m. EST as a group of men were also walking down the street. One of the men, Morrison, approached his patrol car as he was doing his duties, began his exchange with Bear, which drew the officer’s attention away from the issue he was investigating, and just like that we have another University of Florida legal issue on our hands. And as per usual, it’s an outright ridiculous one.

Remember, this is the same program that gave us the infamous taco stealing incident last year.

Muschamp was quick to respond as he just issued a statement earlier stating that Morrison will certainly be missing the first two games of this upcoming season. The coach was already up in the air about suspending the LB following his assault arrest back in June for punching a nightclub bouncer. This latest incident certainly made up Muschamp’s mind about a suspension rather quickly.

Still, this is probably Urban Meyer‘s fault somehow.

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