Here's a Look at the Louisville Cardinals Championship Rings

By Dan Parzych
Louisville Championship Rings
(Kenny Klein Twitter)

In a year where nobody knew what to expect once March Madness rolled around, the Louisville Cardinals came through as 2013 NCAA Champions as the team pulled off a miraculous run in the tournament and were even inspired by teammate Kevin Ware’s injury to end the season as champions. No matter what sport it may be, there’s no better feeling for an athlete–whether it’s the collegiate or professional level–than receiving that championship ring as a reward for everything you accomplished.

After months of anticipation–it looks like members of the Cardinals have finally been rewarded with their championship rings.

As you can see in the photo above, the rings are certainly a thing of beauty and will certainly look good on the fingers of Rick Pitino and company. And as mentioned by Kenny Klein–who happens to be the school’s Senior Associate Athletic Director for Media Relations–mentioned on Twitter, the rings arrived just in time for the team’s visit to the White House scheduled for Tuesday.

There was a reason why the Cardinals were considered one of the top teams during the regular season last season and it was amazing to see the team take their game to a new level once the tournament came around. It certainly won’t be easy, but it’s difficult not to wonder whether or not this team will have what it takes to be in this position at this time next year to receive another ring if they manage to come through as back-to-back champions.

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