Houston Astros Are Bad, But Their Twitter Account is Promising

By Connor Muldowney
Houston Astros
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

So you know your team is bad when its Twitter account exaggerates scoring one run in the ninth inning of a 12-2 game. The recent tweet from the Houston Astros account about a ‘rally’ has people wondering just how hard times have become for the team.

While this isn’t the biggest fail to come out of Houston in the past couple of days against the Seattle Mariners, this should definitely embarrass the players as well as some of the fans. Being notorious for their poor play and low payroll, the Astros are surely on the way down with no end in sight.

A rally should mean that a team has a logical chance at victory, but this is just ridiculous. Even with a 10-run deficit, the Astros’ social media team thinks that they have a chance — well, they may be the only ones not counting this team out, or maybe that’s just what has become of this organization.

Just two nights ago, the Astros and starting pitcher Erik Bedard were tossing a no-hitter into the seventh inning before replacing Bedard. The weird part of this story is that Bedard wasn’t even throwing a shutout as he allowed five walks before getting yanked and left in a 2-2 tie, eventually finishing with a loss.

Yes, the Astros lost a game 4-2 that they only allowed one hit in. This is an all-time new low for the team with the worst record in the MLB.

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