U.S. Olympic Team Twitter Page Victim of Hack That Involved a Hilarious Nickelback Joke

By Dan Parzych
(Andrew Weber/USA Today Sports)

Unfortunately, we live in a world where it can be easy for others to figure out ways to hack into social media accounts–especially when it comes to the most popular celebrities and professional athletes. However, one of the latest victims of social media hacking wasn’t just any ordinary individual, but the official Twitter page of the U.S. Olympic Committee keeping fans up to date on Team USA.

As you can see in the photo below, someone thought it would be funny to hack into the page and post a tweet simply saying “I love Nickelback.” While this is obviously minor damage compared to other stuff they could have posted, this is one of those pranks that some people will find hilarious considering how many people make fun of Nickelback.

(USA Today Sports)

Shortly after realizing they were hacked, the official Twitter page released an apology to those who saw the message:


So does this mean members of the U.S. Olympic Team aren’t fans of Nickelback? Either way, this is another one of those hilarious stories that involves Nickelback getting made fun of for no reason.

As catchy as some of their songs are, this prank just proves once again how much music fans like to take shots at the band known as Nickelback.



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