Arizona Diamondbacks: New Professional Wrestler Mascot Turns Heads

By Connor Muldowney
Arizona Diamondbacks
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, I get it, teams like to get mascots to entertain the crowds, but when has an MLB mascot every really worked out unless it was giving out free shirts? Well, the Arizona Diamondbacks have added another mascot to their organization in order to improve fan morale.

Not only does it look like the morale of the fans was taken into consideration with this new mascot, but it looks as if it may be trying to reach a broader audience. Check out this recent tweet and picture of the Diamondbacks’ new mascot, the “Luchador”.

Not sure if this is a ploy to reach out to the Hispanic audience or just a way to interact more with the kids, but the Luchador, or Mexican professional wrestler, doesn’t make much sense to me.

While he obviously looks like an in-shape, masked professional wrestler, his ties with the team are almost non-existent. In fact, they are non-existent because nothing about the team screams ‘Luchador’. There must have been a demand for more professional wrestlers in baseball or just a female response for more shirtless men with masks, but either way, this is just not the World Series-type move they need.

If they think that this will somehow improve everyone’s morale and help produce some victories because of the electrifying crowd, the Diamondbacks’ organization is certainly misunderstanding how baseball mascots work. Just ask Philadelphia Phillies fans — they have had to live with their awful, yet humorous mascot for too long.

Put this one on the list of ‘what were they thinking’ moves.

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