Brady Hoke Providing Ohio State Tickets to 12-Year-Old Cancer Patient Who Named Tumor 'Beat Michigan'

By Dan Parzych
Brady Hoke
(Rick Osentoski/USA Today Sports)

A couple of weeks ago, a 12-year-old cancer patient by the name of Grant Reed–who happens to be a big Ohio State Buckeyes fan–brought us one of the most inspirational stories after naming his brain tumor “Michigan”–mainly because his main intention was to beat it. It’s never easy to hear stories about cancer, but it’s even more difficult when children are the ones who have to go through it and Grant quickly became an inspiration across the country for having such a positive attitude towards the situation at such a young age.

The fact that Reed named his tumor “Michigan” mainly for the intention of beating it shows how this rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan is one of the greatest in sports and now–it appears Grant will be able to watch this year’s big game live in Ann Arbor with his family.

Wolverines head coach Brady Hoke was kind enough to reach out to Grant’s family this week and provide them with the news they would provide them with tickets for this year’s big game along with The Rotary Club of Jackson taking care of their hotel stay. As a big Buckeyes fan, Grant’s level of excitement had to be indescribable when he found out the news considering these games always have one of the best atmospheres in college football.

These two schools may be one of the biggest rivals in sports, but it’s always amazing to see teams come together in these types of circumstances and Michigan deserves all of the credit in the world for showing true class with a move like this. Grant’s story was already inspirational before and having the opportunity to attend this game in November is something he will remember for the rest of his life.

Nicely done Michigan, nicely done.

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