Gilbert Arenas Selling $3.5 Million Home With Shark Tanks

By Connor Muldowney
Gilbert Arenas
Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

What’s cooler than buying a house from a former NBA superstar? How about buying a house from a former NBA superstar-turned overseas basketball player with shark tanks included?

This is exactly what Gilbert Arenas is trying to do with his latest voyage into the world of making money. Besides making a ridiculous salary of over $22 million for the 2013 season, Arenas has found himself playing basketball overseas and putting his NBA career behind him.

Recently, he has put his house on the market for $3.5 million and guess what: The shark tanks come with. What a steal.

While Arenas used to be one of the most respected players in the league, earning the nickname ‘Agent Zero’ because of his self-proclaimed zero-worth in his younger playing days, the veteran athlete has been in the media for all the wrong reasons since then.

His recent downfall has been the result of an aging body to go along with bringing guns into the locker room when he played for the Washington Wizards. After being on quite a few teams before disappearing from the NBA, Arenas was looked at as a player that no one wanted to take a risk on.

Well, he’s selling his home and likely will be out of the media for a while. That is, after he makes a ridiculous amount of money this year from his former Orlando Magic salary. Yes, the Magic still owe Arenas nearly $23 million this season, making him the highest-paid player on the team and one of the highest-paid in the league.

All salary aside, if you want sharks and a pretty cool house, Arenas is your guy.

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