Cowboys Stadium Needs to Do Better Job With Field Conditions For Gold Cup Semifinals

By Dan Parzych
Cowboys Stadium
(Tim Heltman/USA Today Sports)

With all of the money invested into Cowboys Stadium, one would think the venue would be in tip-top conditions at all time of the year–no matter what even they may be hosting. So when photos were recently released about the stadium’s temporary grass field looking horrendous–it’s a major reason for concern.

Cowboys Stadium will host the Gold Cup semifinals on Thursday and based off of early observations–it wouldn’t be a surprise if the participants complained about the conditions on the field. Just look at some of the photos below to get an idea of what to expect once the semifinals get underway on Thursday.


As bad as it sounds, these conditions look absolutely horrible and it’s difficult not to feel bad for the teams that have to play under these types of conditions. To make things even worse, the temporary grass is laid directly over concrete–which could be another reason of concern for players participating on Thursday.

For a stadium as popular as Cowboys Stadium, these types of conditions are an absolute disgrace and whoever put these plans together deserves to be fired on the spot. The Gold Cup semifinals is an important event and to host an event as big as this with these types of conditions–it makes us look like the laughing stock of the world.

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