Chris Johnson, Devin Hester Racing A Cheetah Will Be Must-See TV

By Connor Muldowney
Chris Johnson
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

So, what’s cooler than watching a guy race against a cheetah?

Well, watching two NFL players race against the world’s fastest animal, of course. Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson and Chicago Bears return man Devin Hester plan to race a cheetah in Nat Geo Wild’s Big Cat Week in November.

What will the show be called, you ask? If you guessed the clever title of “Man vs. Cheetah”, then you are correct.

This isn’t the first time an NFL player has raced a notoriously speedy animal: Chad Ochocinco raced a horse in June of 2007. The best part about his appearance at River Downs race track in Cincinnati was that it was all for charity and Ochocinco, at the time he was still going by Chad Johnson, actually beat the horse.

While Ochocinco did get a head start of 100 meters, his victory by several lengths was extremely impressive. That said, I don’t think that the speedy NFL stars Hester and Johnson will have the slightest chance to beat a cheetah because, well, it’s a cheetah.

No word on a head start for the athletes has been set in stone, nor the actual date of the race, but it will surely draw in some viewers and put to the test some of the fastest men in the NFL. Both players are excited for the opportunity and will surely get a lot of respect and attention from fellow players and fans alike — especially if either one ends up beating the cheetah.

Good luck to both of these guys, because they will surely need it.

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