Hotel in China Hooks Miami Heat Star LeBron James Up With 24/7 DJ in His Room

By Dan Parzych
LeBron James
(Robert Mayer/USA Today Sports)

After leading the Miami Heat to back-to-back championships, it’s safe to say LeBron James is the king of the sports world at the moment as he continues to show why he’ll go down as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Even when he’s away from home, it’s safe to say James is treated like a king anywhere he goes–especially in China.

At the moment, James is currently visiting China and apparently the hotel he’s staying at wanted to make sure he enjoyed his stay so much–they were willing to provide the superstar with his own 24/7 DJ. That’s right, King James is lucky enough to have his own personal DJ in his hotel room at all hours of the day and if you don’t believe he’s serious–check out these two videos he posted on his Instagram account to prove he wasn’t joking around.


It’s one thing to receive the hook up for the best hotels in the world, but to have your own personal DJ to go along with the experience? James must feel like a king even more now after receiving this type of treatment during his visit to China.

So the next time you’re on vacation with family or friends and you’re excited about receiving complimentary gifts from the hotel staff, just remember how your gift is nowhere close to the personal DJ James received during this recent trip to China–because it’s nowhere close to being the same.

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