Bret Bielema Gets Way Too Much Love From This Singing Fan

By Connor Muldowney
Bret Bielema
Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

It’s amazing how much love and respect a coach can get even before he steps on the field with his new team. Former Wisconsin Badgers and current Arkansas Razorbacks head coach Bret Bielema has garnered the love and respect of his new school and its fans.

Check out this video from a young, crazed Razorbacks fan and take note of his use of the “I’m a Believer” lyrics and tune to record his own hit of “I’m a Bielemer”:

As you can see, this awkwardly singing fan seems to have all the faith in the world in his new head coach — and, well, why not. It’s not too tough to beat the performance of now-former Arkansas head coach, John L. Smith. In the middle of the song, he referred to Smith’s appearance as head coach and how he ‘left the program in shambles’.

Well, if this isn’t one of the most embarrassing fan videos, I’m not sure what is. His awful voice coupled with his awkward love for a man he’s never met just screams ‘extreme fan’.

While it’s never a bad thing to love and support the man in charge of your football team, to go as far as to create a song for the new head coach just three days after his hire into the program is just odd. It is a bit funny watching this kid sing the song and his friend in the background making the instrument noises in the song, but come on, man.

I have to give it to the kid, however, the lyrics are pretty creative, but the way they were presented were just plain bad.

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