Pittsburgh Steelers' Brett Keisel Drives Dump Truck to Training Camp

By Jack Jorgensen
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Aside from being one of the more successful franchise’s in the history of sports, the Pittsburgh Steelers have had some colorful characters pass through and spend some time playing football in the Steel City. Terry Bradshaw was always good for some interesting quotes. Mean Joe Greene was the epitome of fear on a football field. Heck, even their long-time head coach Bill Cowher was famous for his chin alone.

More recently, one of the brightest personalities on the team is DE Brett Keisel. The man who could probably win a contest for ‘Best Beard’ at a Lumberjack convention is entering his 12th season with the team since being drafted in 2002. He has personified everything you would expect from a legendary Pittsburgh Steeler. He’s gritty, tough and has the attitude to boot.

More or less, Keisel exudes that blue-collar attitude required by anyone who wants to have their name etched in Pittsburgh sports history.

So, it’s only fitting that on Friday Keisel showed up to work in the most blue-collar way possible–in a dump truck.


There really is not a better Pittsburgh Steeler-way to show up to training camp than in a dump truck, and leave it up to someone like Keisel to prove that theory correct.

Keisel, who’s registered 25 sacks and 362 tackles in his career, decided that he would give the folks a thrill early on in the training camp process. Training camp, to veterans who have been around the league as long as Keisel has, tends to get a little boring as it seems to become redundant to them. So, they need to liven things up somehow and the burly DE did just that.


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