U.S. Air Force Member With Monster Dunk at USA Basketball Showcase (VIDEO)

By Jack Jorgensen
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday, the USA Basketball Showcase took place in Las Vegas, NV. The event is a culmination of a four day mini-camp event that brings together some of the brightest young stars in the game of basketball.

The collection of NBA as well as college athletes are all vying for roster spots on the U.S. Men’s Basketball Team, a team that has won two straight gold medals and 50 consecutive games. So, this camp is serious business for all of these players as these are prestigious spots they’re competing for.

Still, no matter how much pressure these young men are under, anyone with the smallest sense of perspective realizes that their concerns pale in comparison to those of our well-respected members of the American Armed Forces.

While we listen to athletes complain sometimes, you have to ask yourself whether or not they can handle what someone in the military has to; and that answer, most of the time, is probably a resounding “absolutely not.”

Also, on the contrary, can a member of the Armed Forces do what a basketball player does? That answer is probably the same.

Or is it?

Okay, maybe I was wrong on that second part.

This impressive feat, performed by a member of the United States Air Force, took place Thursday night during one of the timeouts, and it is one of the better dunks that I’ve ever seen. I’m impressed not because of technique or height, but rather that he pulled this off while in full military garb.

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