Usain Bolt Blows Away Competition After Bad Start at Anniversary Games

By Andrew Fisher
Usain Bolt
Andrew P. Scott-USA TODAY

Usain Bolt can get the world’s attention anytime he decides to run a race. To be honest, I was unaware that he was even running in an event on Friday until I saw his name trending worldwide on Twitter, but that was most certainly the case as Bolt ran at the Anniversary Games in London. The gold medalist participated in the 100M, as you can see below:

Despite a bad start, Bolt was still able to finish 1st in an official time of 9.85 seconds, .22 off his time from a year ago at the London Olympics.

“It’s just wonderful. I’m so excited. I just had a bad start. More races will get me better so it’s OK. It was a brilliant experience as always and I am just happy to be here,” said Bolt.

The Anniversary Games was certainly not an event that was on casual sports fans’ radars, so it just goes to show what the presence of a star like Bolt can do to generate publicity. He’s someone that everyone around the globe knows, and an athlete that you just can’t help but want to watch. He’s beatable in smaller races, but once the lights are on bright, there’s no one better.

Bolt is a rare star that only comes around once in a generation. He says he’s going to compete in the 2016 Rio Olympics to try to win an unprecedented triple-triple (three gold medals in the 100M, 200M, 4x100M relay, in three consecutive Olympics). You might be thinking that he’ll be over the hill by then, however the world’s best sprinter will only be 29 when the games kick off.


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