(VIDEO) Adult Washington Redskins Fan Very Upset After Not Receiving Training Camp Autograph

By Jack Jorgensen
James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

When I was growing up here in Scranton, Pa., which is primarily comprised of life-long New York Yankees fans, one of the highlights was when their then AAA-affiliate the Columbus Clippers would come to town. They would be here for about a 3-to-4 game stretch and it was the best attendance in our AAA stadium all year.

But what would sometimes make that event more joyous would be if there was a superstar Yankee that just happened to be completing their rehab with the Columbus squad, thus giving us the chance to potentially meet one of our heroes and get their autograph.

Sometimes it worked out for the best, and sometimes it didn’t. But even when it didn’t, I was disappointed to a high extent, but I also realized that life would go on and I would maybe get another shot some day.

I would also like to point out that during these times, I was anywhere between the ages of nine and maybe 15.

Some would say that I should have been upset to such a degree that I should have acted as if my life would be over before I even had the chance to legally drive a car. I should have maybe lashed out at my grandfather for not having helped me out enough. In a nutshell, I should have acted as if the oft-predicted asteroid that many believe to hit the earth one day was en route.

Basically, I should have acted like this ADULT Washington Redskins fan who was also recently unsuccessful in locking down an autograph while at a practice session…..


Wow. I’m not sure what the bigger concern in Washington should be right now. Should Dan Snyder be concerned about the nickname of his franchise being viewed as racist by some, or should he be more concerned with his fan base lynching him for not offering proper autograph procedures from his players?


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