(Video) Memphis Tigers QB Jacob Karam Restores Faith in Humanity by Singing With Cancer Patient

By Connor Muldowney
Jacob Karam
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

In one of the feel-good stories of the year, Memphis Tigers quarterback Jacob Karam has restored my faith, as well as the faith of many I’m sure, in humanity.

Karam took some time out of his day recently to give back to the community. It’s what athletes do off the field that make them better people. He visited a local St. Jude Children’s Hospital recently and it’s what he did on that visit that has people in tears and the lives of many touched by the inspirational duet he performed with 11-year-old Leukemia patient, Breanna Bercegeay.

As you can see, the 11-year-old girl has some golden pipes and at one point, struggling to recite the lines, Karam helped her out by adding his own rendition of Jessie J‘s “Price Tags”.

If you aren’t touched by this video, then it’s possible you don’t have a heart because this is one of the most respectable things an athlete has done in the community all year. Who says college athletes only care about themselves and getting to the NFL? Not me and certainly not Breanna, who probably looks at Karam as a hero now.

Apparently, they sang 10 more songs together and you can tell that Karam enjoyed every second of it.

In a world where you hear news about soccer refs getting beheaded, athletes taking steroids to cheat the game and fans being ruthless in their comments toward players and other fans alike, this restores a chunk of my faith in humanity.

One athlete at a time, if everyone contributed to their community in this sort of way, sports wouldn’t have quite the bad reputation they have now.

Well done, Jacob and Breanna. Well done.

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