Woman Almost Kicked Out of Miller Park for Wearing Hilarious 'Ryan Fraud' Shirt

By Connor Muldowney
Ryan Braun
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

I’m not sure if there’s a more clever way of converting your useless and unwanted Ryan Braun jerseys and shirts into useful and hilarious ones than this Milwaukee Brewers fan showed us. A woman tried entering a Brewers game earlier this week wearing a pretty funny outfit. Who knew how useful it would be to switch the “B” in Braun with an “F,” and the “N” with a “D.”

The woman was wearing a Braun jersey shirt turned into a “fraud” jersey shirt. While it might have been funny to some, including myself, the Brewers’ stadium staff didn’t agree and asked the woman to turn the shirt inside out or she would be forced to leave.

Karen Eidem wore the shirt seen here: Ryan Braun “fraud” shirt.

While it may have been a bit much to ask Eidem to leave, the organization apologized for the stadium’s staff, releasing a statement shortly after the game:

“In this case, the fan absolutely should have been able to wear the jersey without any intervention by our staff. We welcome the opportunity for fans to express their opinions. The only circumstances that would warrant us intervening is if someone were to display a message or item that would be considered offensive to other fans. This is not a case where that line was crossed, and we’re sorry for the inconvenience to her. We will reach out to Ms. Eidem to invite her to another game this year as our guest.”

While the woman ended up turning her shirt inside out, it’s still one of the more clever moves by a fan in the Ryan Braun debacle. If I were a Brewers fan in this situation and I owned a Braun jersey or shirt, I would do the exact same thing Eidem did to follow in her footsteps.

Braun has emerged as one of the least liked players in the MLB for his steroid use and repeated lies about his clean slate.

Well done, Karen Eidem.

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