Johnny Manziel Spends Sunday Firing Back on Twitter

By Jack Jorgensen
Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Although I primarily live my life over in our illustrious college football section, I have stayed away from the Johnny Manziel fracas. It really has nothing to do with me choosing one side over the other, rather the whole situation doesn’t capture my interest as much as it does others. But, that still doesn’t mean that I don’t pay attention.

One of the aspects out of all of this that makes me scratch my head above all else are the average folks like you and me that find it somewhat amusing to take shots at the young man via Twitter. While every human being, at some point in their lives, has some sort of skeletons in their closet, they still deem it necessary to to point out all of the moral codes that Johnny Football breaks with his “antics.”

Now as far as twitter has gone, Johnny has done a masterful job of controlling his social media urges ever since that disastrous tweet that one night about wanting to leave College Station.

But on Sunday, for whatever reason, Manziel decided he needed to work the thumbs a little more and show his beloved social media some love, while taking some shots at some naysayers in the process.

First, there was the fan that predicted that Manziel would not be that good at playing football this season. I’m lightly paraphrasing due to the fact that said tweeter did not exhibit polite language practices. But in response, Johnny Football merely answered with this…

Well, that seems like a logical response, seeing as it’s a bit ridiculous to entertain the idea that the reigning Heisman winner would do as much on the field this season as a pile of feces would.

Next up, we have the fan that took exception to the fact that Johnny was recently an attendee at a University of Texas frat party, which he was promptly asked to leave via beer cans being wired at his cranium.

This one is iffy to me. I can understand both sides of the argument in this case. While Johnny is correct in the fact that Texas isn’t technically a rival anymore as they don’t play one another for the time being, I still like to see players respect the traditions of college football and that rivalry was one of the biggest of them all. And finally, Johnny Football had a personal message of his own.

He’d better hope that’s the case for him in 2013. Otherwise, everything from this past year, including today’s responses, will come back to haunt him.


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