Arena Football Team Celebrates TD with People's Elbow

By Andrew Fisher
Utah Blaze

The Arena Football League’s Utah Blaze have finally put themselves on the map. After scoring a touchdown in their season finale victory over the Cleveland Gladiators, lineman Shannon Tevaga decided he needed to lay the smackdown during the celebration.

Tevaga’s version of the People’s Elbow isn’t too bad at all. He sells the elbow pretty well and had all the necessary hand motions to go along with it. I’m guessing this would make The Rock laugh, though.

Many people are questioning if The Rock has performed his last People’s Elbow after appearing at two straight Wrestlemanias. He tore his abductor tendon off his pelvis and suffered multiple hernias (real life) in the main event against John Cena this year, and as a result, he had to miss several promotional events for his movies.

The rumor around the internet is that The Rock’s Hollywood people don’t like him getting in the ring and missing events, so there’s speculation that he could retire for good. It was surprising to see him come back for this last run, so I wouldn’t doubt that he’s done forever.

But at the same time, the wrestling business made The Rock. He won’t ever fully leave WWE, but performing in another main event at Wrestlemania seems like a bit of a stretch at this point. Still, WWE is rumored to be confident that The Rock will come around by WM XXX, where they want to him wrestle Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar vs. Rock will bring in a lot of PPV buys, and the people’s champ would be in line for another huge payday. I don’t rule out this match happening, but fans shouldn’t count on it either.

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