Rex Ryan Poses With New York Jets Fan Wearing Hilarious 'This Team Makes Me Drink' Shirt

By Dan Parzych
Rex Ryan
(Richard Barnes/USA Today Sports)

A couple of years ago, the New York Jets were considered one of the top teams in the NFL thanks to a stellar defense, but with the way things have turned out over the last two seasons–it’s safe to say they’ve been more of a laughing stock instead of contenders. While Mark Sanchez has taken plenty of the heat for the way things have turned out over the last two seasons, Rex Ryan has taken quite the amount of heat himself and many wonder whether or not this could end up being his final season as the Jets head coach.

Regardless, Ryan has still proven to be one of the coolest head coaches in the league throughout his career with his extreme sense of humor and if you need any proof–just take a look at the photo below.

(L7Panda Twitter)

Ryan was kind enough to pose with a fan he ran into, despite the fact the fan was wearing a shirt that read “This Team Makes Me Drink.” Jets fans have proven over the years they’re not afraid to express their frustration towards the organization and it’s hilarious to see Ryan was still willing to pose with the fan despite the shirt he was wearing.

As for New York in general, it will be interesting to see how this team does in 2013 after a disappointing 6-10 finish last year. It was no secret the Jets needed to improve the offense during the offseason, but bringing in players like Braylon Edwards certainly isn’t going to make things better–which means fans could be in for another fun season.

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