Six-Year-Old Spencer Conn Hits Five Home Runs in a Row Off of Five Pitches

By Dan Parzych
(Tom Szczerbowski/USA TODAY Sports)

When it comes to sports, it’s always interesting to see young prospects and image what type of potential they may have down the road–especially at a really young age. As for one six-year-old by the name of Spencer Conn, it’s difficult not to wonder whether or not we may have found the next MLB Home Run Derby champion for the future.

Below is a highlight reel of Spencer hitting home runs, but the ironic thing is he apparently built up a streak of hitting five consecutive home runs on five pitches. Even if the home runs took place over a few games span, it’s still impressive for a player Spencer’s age to pull off an accomplishment like this.

He may only be six-years-old, but with these types of performances, Spencer may have a bright future in baseball as a big hitter if he puts in the time and work. Obviously, there’s still a long time before that time even comes close for Spencer, but it’s difficult not to think about at this point after seeing a highlight reel like this.

In fact, it wouldn’t be a surprise if schools at least keep an eye on Spencer’s progress over the next couple of years to see if he does develop into the type of power hitter everybody is hoping for. Even if he doesn’t, at least Spencer will always have this impressive highlight reel of five consecutive home runs he can brag about for the rest of his life.



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