15 WAGs You Would Leave Your Girlfriend For

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Top 15 WAG's to Leave Everything Behind For

Brooklyn Decker
Photo via Brooklyn Decker's Facebook Page

Children throughout the world grow up dreaming that one day they will rise about the ranks and become one of the biggest sports stars in the world. You remember those days, right? Catching passes from dad, working on your 3-point shot until it’s so dark you can’t see the hoop anymore, or smacking wrist shots on goal in your driveway. Those were surely days to reminisce about.

For the vast majority of us, we realize these dreams are maybe just a tad out of reach and decide to focus our goals on other things, like getting those final numbers in to the boss or making that one last sales call each day.

At the end of the day, you go home to your girlfriend or wife and family to unwind, sitting in your recliner and watching SportsCenter until your eyes can’t stay open anymore and decide to call it a night.

Flashes of the day’s sports highlights run through your head, and then a far-fetched idea comes to you. What if I would have made it to the pros in the sports world? Could you imagine what kind of girlfriend I could be coming home to every day?

Many professional athletes have beautiful girlfriends or wives, so who’s to say you couldn’t have been among them?

If you could pack your bags right now, leave your girlfriend and blue-collar lifestyle, which professional sports stars' wives or girlfriends would you do it for? The options are endless, but in your own fantasy world, it could be anyone you set your mind to.

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Elaine Alden

Photo via Alden's Facebook Page

Elaine Alden is a model and is currently expecting her first child with Landry Fields of the Toronto Raptors.

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Lindsey Vonn

Photo via Vonn's Facebook Page

Tiger Woods has had just a few problems with relationships in his days but seems to have won over alpine ski racer Vonn. She was in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in 2010 which featured Winter Olympians and also made No. 59 on Maxim's Hot 100 list that year.

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Adriana Lima

Photo via Lima's Facebook Page

Lima is best known for being a Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2000. In 2012, she came in fourth on Forbes' top-earning models list with an estimated $7.3 million earned in one year. She is married to Serbian basketball player Marko Jaric, with whom she has two daughters.

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Gina Lee Nolan

Photo via Nolan's Facebook Page

Nolan is an American actress and model who is best known for her time on The Price Is Right and Baywatch. Since being one of Bob Barker's beauties, Nolan has married to former NHL hockey player Cale Hulse, with whom she has two children.

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Natalia Velez

Photo via Velez's Facebook Page

The superstar striker for AS Monaco, Fadamel Falcao, scored with Colombian supermodel Velez. This is one woman he doesn’t want to run away from anytime soon.

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Lauren Tannehill

Photo via Tannehill's Twitter Page

Shocked that the Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill married such a beautiful woman? Yeah, me too. The two try to keep their life as private as they can, which is why you may not have heard about their Mexico wedding in January of 2012.

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Katherine Webb

Photo via Webb's Facebook Page

The world’s eyes were opened to Webb during an Alabama football game where she was shown on camera and announcer Brent Musburger made a comment about the stunning woman. Ever since the incident, we look at the couple and think, “Wow, is he lucky or what?”

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Kelly Brook

Photo via Brook's Facebook Page

Brook is an English model, actress, entrepreneur and television presenter. Just like her career path, she has been all over the board with men. Most recently she began dating Danny Cipriani, an English rugby union footballer.

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Irina Shayk

Photo via Shayk's Facebook Page

Christiano Ronaldo is widely known as one of the best soccer players in the world, and has been dating Shayk since 2010. The Russian bombshell is frequently spotted on photo set shoots showing off her miraculous model curves.

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Jessie James

Photo via James' Facebook Page

Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker recently got hitched to James and took a honeymoon to Hawaii, where the two flaunted their beach bodies while loving the life style they live.

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Kristin Cavallari

Photo via Cavallari's Facebook Page

While Jay Cutler may not be the best quarterback in the NFL, he sure landed one of the best ladies. The two have been on FX’s fantasy football TV show “The League”, where they were able to let loose and show a little bit of their personalities.

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Victoria Beckham

Photo via Beckham's Facebook Page

If you didn’t know Victoria was married to all-time soccer star David Beckham, I’d say you need get out from under that rock you’re living in. Since they wed in 1999, the two have been in the spotlight as one of the hottest sports couples.

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Carrie Underwood

Photo via Underwood's Facebook Page

In 2011, NHL hockey player Mike Fisher was traded to the Nashville Predators, which just happens to be the country music capital of the world. The two first met backstage at a concert and have been married since 2010.

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Jennifer Ellison

Photo via Ellison's Facebook Page

Ellison is currently married to boxer Robert Tickle. The boxer landed the knockout punch in the blonde bombshell. The two have one son named Bobby and are expecting a second.

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Brooklyn Decker

Photo via Decker's Facebook Page

After taking five months to officially woo Decker, Andy Roddick tied the knot with her back in 2009. Decker is an American model and actress who has been featured in Sports Illustrated, most notably on the cover of the 2010 issue.