Baltimore Ravens Get Visit From Ice Cream Man at Training Camp

By Connor Muldowney
Baltimore Ravens
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

During the dog days of summer, sometimes only one thing sounds good enough to satisfy in the smothering heat: ice cream.

The 2013 NFL training camps are in full swing and the heat during these camps is sometimes unbearable. Fans come out to see the world-class athletes give it their all in order to earn — or keep — a spot on the roster. Baltimore Ravens fans got to see their team scream for some ice cream.

Tuesday’s practice was just like any other: hot, humid and intense. However, it was what happened after the last huddle that made everything worth the immense amounts of sweat. Breaking the huddle and saying the final words, the players turned around to the sight of an ice cream truck entering the gates of the practice field.

Watch the video here:

As you can see, the players were giddy with excitement, and why not? When you’re working your tail off in the 80-plus degree heat, what could be better than your organization and even coaches rewarding you with a nice cold cup, or cone, of ice cream.

It seems as if they even had healthy alternatives for the health nuts — fruit smoothies.

Either way you look at it, this is one of the coolest things to happen at a training camp so far this offseason. If I were a player and saw this video, I would demand that my coaches call in an ice cream truck or two into practice.

Well done, Ravens. Well done.

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