Denver Broncos' Ross Rasner Gets Extreme Rookie Treatment

By Connor Muldowney
Ross Rasner
Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Rookies are fresh meat in NFL training camps, just like they are in every major sport. Players partake in the hazing rituals and dishing out harsh treatment to rookies, even if some of them were in the exact same position just a couple years earlier.

The Denver Broncos took the rookie treatment to a whole new level with their recent stunt performed at the expense of rookie safety Ross Rasner.

Take a look at this picture tweeted of the rookie carrying other players’ pads:

As you can see by the picture, it looks like about five Broncos players took to Rasner as if he was a locker. Piling on shoulder pads and helmets, the rookie walked into the locker room looking like he was missing his head; and maybe that was a good thing, because some of his pride may have been missing, too.

It’s unclear whether he covered himself up so he wouldn’t be so embarrassed, but when you’re carry five sets of helmets and shoulder pads, you’re going to run out of hands.

The amount of rookie hazing has been at an all-time high during the 2013 NFL training camps around the league and this is just the latest, and probably funniest treatment of them all. Sure, bad haircuts are funny and all, but it’s not often you see a player piling on dozens of pounds of equipment on his back and taking it back to the locker room for the veterans.

What a guy.

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