Washington Nationals Fan Shows Extreme Act of Generosity; Gives Away Season Tickets

By Connor Muldowney
Washington Nationals
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Generosity in sports never gets old. Hearing about fans showing extreme amounts of respect and generosity is the absolute pinnacle in feel-good sports news. This most recent story of a die-hard Washington Nationals fan and his late father could top them all.

How much would you sell your favorite MLB team’s season tickets for? Hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars, right?

Well, Kent Wilson has delivered an extreme act of kindness by giving away the season tickets that he and his father, Richard Wilson, had bought together during the offseason while fully aware that Richard’s liver cancer could become ever more troublesome during the regular season.

No, that wasn’t a typo. Kent is actually giving away tickets to each Nats home game this season on Craigslist. He has been giving them away individually instead of as a package since his father was too sick to continue going to games and passed away on June 8.

Kent didn’t want the tickets to go to waste, so he posted an ad on Craigslist, hoping people would cherish the free tickets and enjoy the game that he and his father used to enjoy together. The one demand from Kent regarding the tickets, as stated in his ad, was simple:

If you’d like tickets for a game — completely free — shoot me a note. I would only ask that you enjoy the game and make sure the seats don’t go to waste.

In a recent blog post on the D.C. Sports Blog, Kent described how his relationship with his father and the Nationals worked:

After work I’d come over and watch the games with him pretty much every night. We didn’t really talk a whole lot. He’d complain about Drew Storen sometimes. Some of his friends would come over, and four or five people would squeeze into his bedroom, watching his TV. It was a nice thing for us to do.

In today’s world, this kind of story is somewhat of a rarity and never gets old. Kent Wilson is a stand-up guy and proved it with his ticket giveaway.

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